Army Ten Miler Training Program

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Army Ten Miler Training Schedule

Adobe After Effects Weather Template For Kindergarten here. Every year the Military District of Washington sponsors the Army Ten-Miler. It is the premier running event of the U.S. Army and the largest 10 mile race in the U.S. The course begins and ends at the Pentagon and the route passes by many of the great monuments in the city. Military units and bases around the world send teams to compete. Cadet Perspective on the Army Ten-Miler By: CDT Kelley On October 8, 2006, 8 Cadets and 1 cadre member from the Golden Eagle Battalion participated in the 22nd annual Army Ten Miler in Washington DC.

The Army Ten Miler is the largest ten mile race in the country with a total of 24,011 registrants this year. Registration closed ten days early this year when the maximum registration was full. Preparations for the race began in early May when the battalion’s intent to send a team was announced. The last time a team was sent was in 2004.

Soon after, the team was registered for the race. The participants were assisted in making custom workouts based on their abilities and race goals. Training was made difficult for some of the Cadets due to summer training interfering with workout routines but every effort was made by each Cadet to follow their individual program as closely as possible. Also each participant was encouraged to do a race prior to the Ten Miler to further prepare them. Cadets participated in races ranging from 5K to full marathons. Also during this time funding was provided by both the Golden Eagle Battalion and Stratford State Bank.