Fansadox 208 - Defeated

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Fansadox 208 - Defeated

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Try vicious drawn BDSM stories full of screams of pain & pleasure, chained and tied victims craving for piece and ultimate pleasure and merciless Masters whose wicked fantasy and scary tools will make you shudder. & have wild fun! RELATED GALLERIES: hostel eden - fansadox collection 224 part 1 Bojan The lighthouse part 3 fansadox 200 Amorim The fall of meszria part 3 fansadox 309 Erenisch the breed - slavecop 2 - fansadox collection 335 part 1 birthday gift 6: family reunion - fansadox collection 236 part 1 Your browser does not support JavaScript. Update it for a better user experience. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Update it for a better user experience.

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NEW IN PDF ELECTRONIC VERSION! READ THE DISCLAIMER PAGES IN THE COMIC FANSADOX COL 208 DEFEATED Electronic PDF format in ENGLISH The Middle Ages in Central Europe. The Hundred Years’ War is at its most violent height and the Villiers’ Castle has been sacked by the forces of their hatred and dangerous enemy, the Valois. After days of hiding in the woods, Catherine and Marianne de Villiers, the beautiful young daughters of the Grand Duke de Villiers, have been taken prisoner. They are now the chained captives of their father’s deadliest rivals.

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Barefoot, almost naked and wearing a humiliating chastity belt, the two young virgins have walked for days to their captors’ fortress under the constant threat of the whip with their ankles sadistically chained together. The two exhausted sisters finally reach the fortress gate. Looking up, they see their cousin Beatrice.

Sam2 Broadcaster 2.8.1 Serial Number there. The girl is locked in a tiny cage suspended from the tower. She has been sentenced to a horrendous public death by starvation for rejecting the lustful advances of the much older Duke of Valois The now terrified girls are chained up in a cold, wet dungeon. They were noblewomen only a week ago, and now they are the captives of their hated enemy, at the mercy of the groping hands and sneering comments of the dungeon guards Next day, the Duke of Valois and his noblemen hold a party to celebrate victory. The female attendants are the defenseless captives taken in the attack on the rival castle. Nieces of the Duke of Villiers, guests, servants The orgy is heaven on earth for the victors and a hell of shame for the unfortunate young prisoners. But the Duke is far from being fully satisfied.

Yes, he has defeated his hated rival and has seized all his properties and enslaved the women, but the Duke’s beautiful young daughters were never found Suddenly, to the infamous Duke’s surprise and delight, news arrives that the Villiers sisters have finally been captured. The girls are brought to the ignominious party chained and attired like whores. After a terrible night in the dungeon at the mercy of the guards, the two girls face an even more humiliating and horrible fate. The girls are hung up by the wrists in public, stripped naked by a hideous hunchback and their chastity belts are removed The once noble women are now whipped naked in front of their social equals and previous admirers The two virtuous girls are humiliated in the most disgusting ways and then, to their dismay, forced to masturbate in public while drunken commoners make lewd remarks on their performance That night a more private party is held in the Duke’s quarters. The Duchess, a sadistic lesbian, joins in After weeks of continuous humiliation and abuse, the two sisters are the stars of the Victory Day celebrations Everybody in the region, nobles and peasants alike, attend the event accompanied by naked slavegirls seized in the Villiers’ Castle To the further humiliation of the young sisters, they are the prizes in an obscene lottery. Two happy, excited winners take possession of their hot prizes The plight of the once admired noblewomen is now even more desperate The peasants who own them hate all nobles, but hate this family in particular.