High Orbit Ion Cannon

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High Orbit Ion CannonHigh Orbit Ion Cannon

Contents • • • • • • • • • • Development [ ] HOIC was developed during the conclusion of by the collective. As concluded there was massive pressure on the group from law enforcement agencies, which captured and prosecuted more than 13 individuals connected with the group. This forced many members of the group to rethink their strategies and subsequently this part of the group launched.

However a large part of Anonymous remained focused on launching opt-in DDoS attacks. However the was not powerful enough to launch attacks with such a limited number of users. Ansys Maxwell Student Version. Therefore, HOIC was designed to remedy this with the ability to cause with a low number of user agents with as few as 50 users being required to successfully launch an attack, and co-ordination between multiple users leading to an exponential increase in the damage. HOIC was the first tool of its kind to have support for the so-called 'booster files', configurable VBscript modules that randomize the of attacking computers, allowing thousands upon thousands of highly randomized combinations for user agents. Apart from allowing user agents to implement some form of randomization countermeasures the booster files can and have been used to increase the magnitude of the attack.

Biz & IT — High Orbits and Slowlorises: understanding the Anonymous attack tools Putting the Low-Orbit Ion Cannon behind them to better protect themselves from. Attackers can easily launch DDoS attacks using High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC). This simple network stress application floods targets with junk requests.

Nomenclature [ ] HOIC and its predecessor, the, are named after an, a fictional described as firing beams of from a space-based platform onto Earth-based targets. Although ion cannons appear in many movies, television shows, and video games that have a science fiction-based setting, the ones depicted in the series of video games are considered to be the inspiration for the graphics on the software's GUI and website. Use [ ] Simply described, HOIC is a program for sending and requests at a computer under attack, that uses a -inspired. HOIC primarily performs a and a when co-ordinated by multiple individuals.