Installing Exterior French Patio Doors

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Is it square? These are important factors when you install a patio door. Fta Bin Files. Install Exterior French Doors. French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors. By fiberglass and aluminum exterior; Our value hinged patio door. Available for all hinged and french patio doors. How to Remove and Replace Exterior French Doors Rotten exterior French doors that were sealed shut are removed and replaced. Installing French Doors. Exterior French Doors A veteran remodeler shows you how to install and adjust hinged double doors for smooth operation.

All Videos in This Series The first way I’ll do this is with a laser. The laser that I’m using shoots a 360-degree beam right around this unit. Use the laser to check the plumb and plane of the wall, just to make sure the wall is all in one line. There are many other lasers you can use, such as a rotary laser; I just find this one easier and quicker to set up and use. I’ve got the laser in the middle of the opening. It’s shooting a beam out to the bottom of the studs and plumbing a line all the way up; then the laser is going to connect the two at the top. Looking at the stud, I can see it’s hitting plumb here, but going out of plumb by about 5/8 inch toward the top.