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In response to numerous queries, I hereby bring forth information on the significance behind the Byzantine master serial number codes used by RCA Victor, its sublabels and custom clients beginning in 1942 and continuing through the 1980's and possibly into the early '90's. This came from my research in the mid-1990's at the then-BMG Music archives, plus the guide to codes printed in Jerry Osborne's Presleyana books and Ted Fagan's writings on Victor codes. In all three stages, there were on many occasions recyclings of different characters to signify something else; these will be encompassed accordingly. Note that in RCA parlance, 'Standard' indicates coarse groove (i.e. On 78's) and 'Fine' indicates microgroove (for 45's and LP's). 1942 - 54 This encompasses the beginnings of this series, plus a revision dated August 15, 1951 upon the adoption of new characters to account for the 45 RPM and LP configurations. Codes from the 1951 revision and after will be indicated by an asterisk ( * ).

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Rca Tv Serial Number SearchRca Tv Serial Number Search