S P Jain Executive Mba Program In Mumbai

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Program Overview The S P Jain Executive MBA (EMBA) is a part-time integrated program designed to meet the needs of working professionals who wish to pursue an MBA without interrupting their careers. The coursework is rigorous and demanding; the result is the transformation of promising managers into General Managers with a global perspective. Why SP Jain's Executive MBA?

Totally worth it! Not many know, but SP Jain is listed in world's top 10 colleges for one-year MBA by Forbes. Also, it's in the economist's list of top 100. S P Jain’s MBA (Executive) is an 18-month part-time integrated program designed to meet the needs of high–achieving professionals who wish to enhance their. SP Jain's Executive MBA Program - 18-Month - Part-Time MBA - Weekend MBA in Mumbai. Click for all news from SP Jain, Mumbai. PGPM is a 11-month full-time residential program for experienced professionals. Fritz Box Wlan 3170 Manual English. Executive MBA? Alpine Ski Racing Pc Game. India’s first.

Executive Mba Program Rankings

• THE PROGRAM TRAINS YOU TO THINK AND ACT LIKE A GENERAL MANAGER Our EMBA students participate in a number of advanced multimedia simulations that teach them to make smart, winning decisions. These simulation exercises, undertaken in our state-of-the-art Simulation Centres, are unique in that they bring students face-to-face with real-time business challenges and allow them to practice and sharpen their real-world and decision-making skills in the most innovative way, and in a risk-free environment. • THE PROGRAM ALLOWS YOU TO ADD IMMEDIATE VALUE TO YOUR ORGANISATION Our EMBA curriculum includes a unique Problems at Work methodology (PAW), the objective of which is to allow students to bring actual work-related issues to class, discuss with peers and develop innovative solutions. Done under the guidance of experienced faculty and mentors, PAW has proven to help students add immense (and immediate) value at work resulting in recognition, rewards, and career progression. • THE PROGRAM MAKES WORK-LIFE BALANCE POSSIBLE Our EMBA program, tailored for busy working professionals like you, makes use of a flexible study format that minimises your time away from work and family, and at the same time, helps you develop the skills needed to speed up your momentum at work. Many of our current EMBA students have partners and children at home, and they’ll tell you of how our program has enabled them to take up greater responsibilities at work, make winning decisions and experience unmatched career growth, all while successfully managing their time and family.

• THE PROGRAM FOSTERS A GLOBAL MINDSET IN STUDENTS Whilst the EMBA degree may be completed entirely at our Singapore campus, you may also participate in overseas study opportunities at our state-of-the-art campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, and Sydney. You may spend as little as a week in any one of our overseas hubs and receive credit towards your EMBA subjects. Embarking on the overseas study will equip you with even more attributes that employers seek. • THE PROGRAM IS YOUR STARTING POINT TO A LIFETIME OF NETWORKING Our EMBA classroom is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, work experience and areas of professional expertise. The program provides you with a platform to connect with people from different industries and build contacts that can be leveraged personally and professionally, besides proving to be a learning resource to one another. • YOU STUDY IN ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS In the last five years of our short but decorated twelve-year-old history, we have been ranked by three of the world’s top four business school rankings – Forbes, Financial Times and the Economist.