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Sierra 3d Ultra Pinball

Ost Naruto Lengkap Rarity. 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride The last released, Thrill Ride (1999) also received a Game Boy Color version. The PC version was included in Sierra’s Game Room for the PC in 2004.

It is set in Hersheypark with rides and theme park elements as puzzles and table features. Portable Game Pc Gratis Battlefield 4. Thrill Ride has one primary table, which doubles as a region for Fun Zone puzzles, and a secondary Thrill Zone table to one side. There are two multiball ramps, one a roller coaster (the Wildcat) and one a water ride (the Coal Cracker). Two of the Fun Zone puzzles send you to secondary tables, a River Rafting table and a Lightning Racer Virtual Coaster.

General play proceeds as you complete the six trials—completing 5 Fun Zone puzzles, completing 5 Thrill Zone puzzles, getting Thrill points (the letters spelling THRILLRIDE) in order to activate and complete the Nighttime Fantasy puzzle. Going on all the rides (activating all 10 zone puzzles), activating both multiballs, and frequently visiting the Snack Bar sinker are also needed to complete General play. Completing all six trials activates a “Lights Out” puzzle, breaking light bulbs with the ball; when this is done the table goes into Nighttime Fantasy Multiball mode before resetting the table (play continues, and multiple Lights Out are possible). In addition, there are a number of other minor tasks and rewards (hitting markers to activate the Fun Zone sinker, etc.) and a Hershey’s Hide and Seek for hitting the Snack Bar 50 times, in which a number of animated treats hide around the primary table and must be caught with the ball. // Game needs to be installed and disc required to play.

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