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I own a small internet cafe with 17 operating personal computers. Installing MMORPG games are easy and should be as easy as less than 6 mouse clicks but nowadays sometimes it becomes a tedious task. For more than 10 days now I’m having problem with Audition Philippines game patch. Its just so weird that out of our 17 computers only 4 has the latest patch. The rest keeps on failing whenever I tried patching it. Copying files from a folder of a patched version won’t work either.

Downloading the manual patch files won’t also do the trick. Please also note other Internet Cafe in the vicinity did experienced the same plight. Since I want to know how to fix the problem what I did I visited Audition Philippines forum but I did not find any similar issue there.

I also posted on other forums like the United Lanshop Owners of the Philippines where majority of the posters are computer shop owners. So, basically this issue is still hanging with unknown solution.

Audition Dance Battle Philippines Download

I need to scout google for this.

Download the latest 6087 patch here: 6087 Patch Content:

Sash Life Goes On Rar here. AUDITION PH WELCOME PACKAGE Welcome to Audition Dance Battle – Next Level! We are really excited para sa ating new server and we can’t wait to play with you guys! Audition Dance Battle is a free to play, ftp, f2p, mmo game or mmog published by e-games / x-play. Jul 23, 2012 Isa pang kyut na song. Pwedeng maging 1M ang score dito since maganda ang beat:3.