Autocad 2007 Toolbars Missing

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Autocad 2007 Toolbars Missing

Hi, Today when I came into my office I started using AutoCAD 2007 and it was working perfectly fine. I didnt change any settings, or anything. I hardly even did anything in the drawing except save it. I then had to restart my computer for another reason unrealted to AutoCAD, and when I restarted it and restarted AutoCAD all the Pulldown menus except for File, Help, View and Edit were missing, and all the toolbars and commands were missing. I have attached a picture of what is not missing otherwise. I tried selecting 'Toolbars' in the View Pulldown menu and nothing changed. I tried opening other drawings, to no avail.

Express toolbars gone missing in AutoCAD 2008 Hi All. AutoCAD 2007 imported toolbars via CUI interface are missing. By lfish in forum AutoCAD CUI Menus.

I then restarted AutoCAD 4 times running it as Admin each time as I always do (It doesnt work unless running as Admin). This also didnt work. Arcsoft Photoimpression Gold V6.5 Incl Crack on this page. I restarted my computer 4 times to and 4 more times restarted AutoCAD. Nothing Worked. I tried a System Restore to Monday when I know it was working fine and it said that it couldnt restore it to that point.

I tried a couple of other points and nothing worked. I am the only one who uses this computer, except for someone who looked at my drawings this morning for something. Everybody in the office said they didnt touch anything, and the computer was idle for 3 days. I need to get this back up and running because I need to finish this drawing to submit it. No other computers in my office are available for me to work on at the moment. Thanks very much.