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Rules for 4-Wall and 1-Wall Handball. Www.worldhandballcouncil.org - In Memory of Mal Cohen. Play Regulations 4.1 Serve 4.2 Doubles 4.3 Defective Serves. PLAY REGULATIONS 4.1 Serve 4.2 Doubles. And the rules for. Handball is a com-petitive game in which either hand or either.

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HOW TO PLAY OLYMPIC HANDBALL: Playing the basic rules of handball provides you with an energetic workout. It helps to keep your body fit and healthy. UK handball rules and regulations allow two teams of seven players (7). They rush around the court with the aim of scoring the most goals. They achieve this by throwing the ball into the opponent's goal. The International Handball Federation formed in 1946 and has governed the sport since. But in fact Denmark and Germany created the origins and codified rules of the modern game in 1906.

The popularized the indoor game around the United Kingdom. It also remains hugely popular in parts of continental Europe. Around 20 million sporting participants enjoy playing this free flowing pacey team sport around the world today.

The simple rules and standardized regulations apply to both indoor and outdoor variations. They are otherwise called field handball and beach handball - or sometimes sandball. Rules of Handball Game Aim of the Handball Game The aim and basic rules for handball is to score more points than your opponent. Players must achieve this within an allocated time frame. Handball Court Playing Field The field of play must have two goals in the center of each end and a ball. Determine the pitch dimensions. It should measure 40 meters by 20 meters (131 by 66 feet).

The goal line at each end (6 meter line) divides an area between the goalkeeper and the rest of the outfield players. Each defending goalkeeper is the only player allowed to stand on the floor in the goal zone. Handball Basic Rules of Equipment A semi-circle area gets marked off outside each goal area (often called the crease or the zone). A semi-circle with dashed markings is the free throw line (9 meters from goal).

The ball must be a size which fits inside players' hands. Handball balls are usually made from leather or synthetic material. The full includes three regulation sizes of balls. Note: One of these ball specifications gets used during the basic rules in handball: • A ball for children 8 years and over (circumference of 50-52 cm). • Balls for women and males aged 12 to 16 years (circumference of 54-56cm). • Balls for males aged 16 years and over (circumference of 58-60cm). Handball Players Rules Standard handball rules feature two teams with 7 players on each side.

There can be 7 ' rolling substitutes' per team. That means there is no need to consult the referee when making substitutions. The rules and regulations of allow six outfielders and one goalkeeper. Team members should wear uniforms for official games and tournament competitions.

General UK Handball Regulations • According to the basic handball rules and regulations list a game lasts for 60 minutes. It gets divided into two periods of 30 minutes each (reduced to 20 minutes for younger players). • There should be a 15 minute interval between the two halves. • Handball rules allow outfield players to touch the ball with any part of their body (above the knee). • Kicking is not allowed in handball because players cannot legally kick the ball.

• Players can pass, hold possession, dribble, or shoot once they are in possession of the ball. • Handball dribbling rules allow a player to dribble the ball. They can also take three steps for up to three seconds without dribbling.

• Taking more than 3 steps, or longer than 3 seconds, is one of the called ' walking'. In this case the player would lose possession of the ball. • Double dribble is against the rules and regulations in handball UK. Lament Of The Lost Moors D on this page. It means a player cannot receive the ball, bounce it, and then hold the ball and bounce it again. • The goalkeeper is the only player permitted to come into contact with the floor inside the 6 meter zone (goal area).

• Exceptions occur when a player jumps into the area and shoots the ball before landing in the goal area. This might take place while having a shot on goal. • Goalkeepers can go outside of the goal area. But they must not keep possession of the ball while they are outside the goal area. • The fast-flowing game permits some body contact.