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Best Sales Training Programs Canada. Only the Best BBC Micro Games / BBC Games from the past - AcornSoft Games Only the Best BBC Micro Games AcornSoft Games AcornSoft Games All of these games are games which I believe were AcornSoft classics in one form or another. Although the BBC didn't have the best graphics for the time, neither did it have as much memory as many people wanted, it did have some very talented programmers. As early as 1981, Acornsoft were creating unique games for the BBC. They managed to write some excellent adventure games, clones of classic arcade games, as well as the all-time classic: Elite. This page is in dedication to AcornSoft, and the many great games they produced. Bolix Game Rules. All of these game images are still under copyright to AcornSoft/Superior Software.

These images are provided so that you do not have to convert your old tape and disk copies over to the BBC. Rather, it's been done for you already. When you first bought the BBC Microcomputer, this was the piece of introductory software you got with it. This image is the Disk version.

There are various programs designed to demonstrate the power of the BBC (Think 1981), including a Biorythms program, a simple bat-n-ball game, a kingdom simulator and pattern generator. It was all quite impressive at the time! Snapper Snapper was one of the first Video Arcade Conversions made for the BBC by AcornSoft. They got this conversion so bang on correct, that a certain arcade manufacturer threatened to sue Acorn. Because of this, the game was later changed: the Pac character changed, and so did the ghosts.

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