Boris Becker 11 Special Edition 98 Review

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Boris Becker 11 Special Edition 98 Review

Summary In its 500-plus year history, the game of tennis has seen its share of legendary players and iconic figures. Boris Becker, a former world No. 1, happens to be both. He amassed six Grand Slam singles titles in his illustrious 15-year career. His legacy truly began when, at age 17, 'Boom Boom' won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, becoming not only the first non-seeded player and first German to win it, but also its youngest champion.

Boris Becker 11 Special Edition 98 Review

In commemoration of that milestone, achieved in one of the world's most famous cities, Boris Becker has launched the Delta Core London. This 11.1 ounce, 4 points head light racquet has a 98 square inch head size and has a swingweight of 311 and stiffness rating of 64 (Babolat RDC). The London utilizes Delta Core technology. Designed to provide greater control and stability, Delta Core features a delta-shaped arrangement of the individual molecules in the frame material. Our TW playtesters took this racquet out for a month-long playtest to see if the Boris Becker Delta Core London is as legendary as the man himself.

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Read on for the full review. Bootcamp 3.2 Windows 7 64 Bit. Groundstrokes - Score: 79 The TW playtesters loved the Delta Core London from the baseline. They found plenty of bite and power on their shots.

Chris enjoyed hitting a variety of shots from the baseline. He said, 'I found this racquet to feel very fast and maneuverable on groundstrokes. Both pace and spin were easy to generate. In contrast to the Becker Pro that I used to use, I could get lots of bite on slice shots with this stick. I liked the feel and control and found I was more connected to my shots than with the Volkl Powerbridge 9, which has similar specs. Although I liked this racquet in stock form, I tried this racquet with some weight added to it and found an even better fit for my game (I added weight to 10 & 2 in the hoop and counterbalanced at the handle to maintain the stock balance).'

'This was a truly impressive racquet off the ground,' said Jason. 'It played very similarly to my own racquet, the Volkl Powerbridge 9, except that the London felt much more flexible and arm friendly. It didn't take too long before I noticed that I was hitting with more spin on my shots with this racquet than with my own.

Targeting and maneuverability were top notch; I felt like I was able to control depth and direction well. The sweetspot felt surprisingly large, so my off-center shots did not drop significantly in power.' Hitting with even more spin than usual was Troy. He said, 'What stood out the most from the baseline was the nice flexible feel this racquet possessed. It felt very maneuverable, being that it has a lower swingweight than my own sticks, which correlated to some extra whip on my heavy topspin shots. The open string pattern allowed for good access to spin off both wings.

The problem I found was with depth control. I found that when I tried hitting a flatter shot, the racquet seemed to catapult the ball beyond the baseline. This took away from my confidence level when swinging out and trying to be aggressive from the baseline.' Spencer agreed. 'This racquet, dare I say, has a Pure Drive-type of feel.

It offers an ease of swing and solid feel from the baseline that produces court-penetrating shots. The maneuverability was fantastic, and I couldn't help but notice the borderline outrageous spin I could get with the open string pattern. (Note, I was hitting with a polyester string). This stick has a healthy sweetspot and excellent stability. As much as I loved the feel, spin and power, I did notice I had to harness my play here and there to maintain consistency.' Volleys - Score: 83 At 4 points head light, the Delta Core London was maneuverable enough to please our entire playtest team at net. Troy loved the all around performance, saying, 'I found this racquet to perform the best when I was at net.

I was impressed how stable this stick felt when hitting volleys, even though it weighs less than most of the player's frames that I typically prefer. The flexibility of the frame made this stick feel comfortable on the arm, which is a common quality I notice among most Becker racquets. I enjoyed the added maneuverability I had when hugging the net in doubles and having to position the racquet for a quick reaction volleys.' 'I found lots of feel and control at net,' said Chris.