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Csccmd Download Windows 7Download Windows 7 Iso

Nov 02, 2011 Where to get a copy of CSCCMD 1.1. Note You can also download CSCCMD 1.0. Sai Scrap Metal Software. CSCCMD tool is supported only on Windows XP. It is not available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. If you want to do any CSC related opera. Restoring 'offline Files' To Replacement Hdd - posted in Windows 7 - All Editions. Hoshi No Kirby 20th Anniversary Edition. Balloon Twisting Book on this page. Like the CSCCMD.

I tried to use the ccsmd inside of the resource kit tools but version 1.0 doesnt have an enum option. I guess the enum option is only available in csccmd 1.1 and I can't find that version. To obtain the CSCCMD tool, contact Microsoft Product Support Services. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services phone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site.

I did not want to deal with Microsoft and was able to go to the above site from johnb6767 and download a copy. I have not attempted to run it yet as the user is not on site today, but hopefully i will be able to recover. I have a user who used to sync with our houston server. Our houston server was stolen and what i did was to copy all of her files inside her my documents to our servers here in London, I removed her profile from the computer, disjoined her from the domain, rejoined her to the domain, was able to get her files synchronizing again, however, there were files missing, which I assume are her local copies or new files she created before ever synchronizing. I am desperately hoping that this tool will work and if you guys have any experience with this, please share with me what exactly I need to do.