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Download now any manual for AIWA NSX-550. User Manual AIWA NSX-550 - This User Manual - also called owner's manual or operating instructions. Retrevo has links to download PDF manuals for more than 571 Aiwa products. Aiwa NSX-MA845: User Guide. More Aiwa Home Theater Manuals ».

Free Aiwa User Manuals

• NSX-R50 NSX-R51 SERVICE MANUAL COMPACT DISC BASIC TAPE MECHANISM: ZZM-3 PR3NM STEREO SYSTEM BASIC CD MECHANISM: BZG-5 ZD3GNM REMOTE SYSTEM SPEAKER CASSEIVER CONTROLLER NSX-R50 CX-NR50 SX-NR50 RC-CAS01 NSX-R51 CX-NR51 • If requiring information about the CD mechanism, see Service Manual of BZG-5, (S/M Code No. • SPECIFICATIONS MAIN UNIT CX-NR50 (K) / CX-NR51 (EZ) CD PLAYER TUNER Laser λ FM tuning range D/A converter FM usable sensitivity (IHF) Signal-to-noise ratio FM antenna terminal Harmonic distortion MW tuning range GENERAL µ MW usable sensitivity Power requirements LW tuning range Power consumption µ. Download Hoover Dimension Supreme Manual. • PROTECTION OF EYES FROM LASER BEAM DURING SERVICING CAUTION This set employs laser. Therefore, be sure to follow carefully the instructions below when servicing. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of proce- dures other than those specified herin may result in WARNING!! Hazardous radiation exposure.

• NOTE ON BEFORE STARTING REPAIR 1. Forced discharge of electrolytic capacitor of power supply block When repair is going to be attempted in the set that uses relay circuit in the power supply block, electric potential is kept charged across the electrolytic capacitors (C101, 102) even though AC power cord is removed. • In such a case, check also if the POWER AMPLIFIER circuit or power supply circuit has any abnormalities or not. Regarding reset There are cases that the machine does not work correctly because the MICROCOMPUTER is not reset even though the AC power cord is re-inserted, or the software reset (pressing the STOP key + POWER key) is performed. • ELECTRICAL MAIN PARTS LIST REF.

KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. KANRI DESCRIPTION 87-A12-826-000 CAP,E 3300-35 M 85 GS 87-A12-826-000 CAP,E 3300-35 M 85 GS 87-A21-419-040 C-IC,NJM14558MD-TE2 87-A12-072-080 CAP,E 100-25 SMG 87-A22-112-040 C-IC,BD3861FS 87-A12-072-080 CAP,E 100-25 SMG 87-070-289-040 C-IC,BU 2092F 87-A12-072-080. KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. KANRI DESCRIPTION C403 87-012-193-080 C-CAP,U 82P-50 CH C793 87-A12-090-080 CAP,E 4.7-50 SMG C404 87-012-193-080 C-CAP,U 82P-50 CH C795 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25 C405 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25 C796 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25 C406 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25.

KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. KANRI DESCRIPTION C942 87-012-165-080 CAP 3P R995 87-012-195-080 C-CAP,U 100P-50CH C947 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25 SFR451 87-A90-432-080 SFR,30K H NVZ6TLTA C948 87-A10-039-080 C-CAP,U 470P-50 J CH SFR452 87-A90-432-080 SFR,30K H NVZ6TLTA C952 87-012-286-080 CAP, U 0.01-25. KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. KANRI DESCRIPTION C963 87-010-759-080 C-CAP,U, 0.1-25F PT C. Coreldraw-graphics-suite X4 V 14 - Keygen And Patch Rar. B CN104 87-A60-057-010 CONN,11P V 9604S-11C CN202 87-099-209-010 CONN,4P 6216H 87-010-831-080 C-CAP,U,0.1-16F CN701 87-099-720-010 CONN,30P TYK-B(P) 8B-NF1-601-010 PT,BNF-1 EZ CN731 87-099-196-010 CONN,8P 6216 V PT81 8B-MA6-675-010 PT,SUB BMA E (VRK) • TRANSISTOR ILLUSTRATION E C B G D S E C B B C E 2SB1370 2SC2240(GR/BL) 2SA1980G 2SK3053 CDA1585BC 2SA1981Y CSC4115BC KTC3198GR B C E S D G 2SA1235F 2SB1686 2SJ460 2SK360E KRA102S 2SC2620B 2SD2642 2SK2541 KRA107S 2SC3052F KRC102S-RTK 2SC5345S(O) KRC104S 2SD1306E RT1P141C.