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We purchased an Alpine Design Mesa 8 Tent with screen porch. Parent company is Westfield Outdoors, Inc. It did not have the right roof poles. Furniture Pattern: Solid.

Buyer beware. We purchased an Alpine Design Mesa 8 Tent with screen porch. Parent company is Westfield Outdoors, Inc. It did not have the right roof poles. Called the company for replacements, was advised to return the tent to the store. We want to keep the tent because we like the design, were lied to two times when we were told the poles were being shipped to us and never received them. There are no schematics for pole size and the manager at Westfield Outdoors did not even know the spec.

The people who answer the phone are rude and do not want to help, the manager is useless and of no help. Beware if you have warranty issues, they will not help. Madden 2004 Free Download Pc.

Actually, no, Alpine Designs is a brand that has been around for many decades. I have a tent of theirs from the 1960s (actually, a bivy tent). It is possible, I suppose, that Sports Authority has somehow acquired the rights to the brand name. AD was based out of Colorado, and I had seem a rumor somewhere that someone was reviving the brand.

El Pulpo Esta Crudo Pdf on this page. They were one of the original Colorado crowd that included Gerry Cunningham ('Gerry' tents and sleeping bags, and later the original Kiddie Karrier) and Holubar (and the Marmot folks before they moved to California). Seems like all the old names hve been acquired by big conglomerates (Sports Authority held a half dozen store names that they changed a year or so ago to all Sports Authority nameplates). I think, though, that it was Sport Chalet, a California company that started in a tiny shop in La Canada right at the foot of the Angeles Crest Highway in the 1960s and is now a statewide chain, that got the Alpine Designs name, not Sports Authority. More history. Bill, you're right that Alpine Designs was around for decades, but according to our info in the late 1990s it went out of business and now the name Alpine Design (no 'S' I think) is used in-house by Sports Authority.

I'm not sure if they actually acquired the name (like Wal-Mart did with Herman Survivor boots) or if it just fell out of use and they were able to start using it instead. Back to the original poster's question, I have no personal experience with Sports Authority or Alpine Design, but based on other big box chain store experiences and NorthPole USA, which makes their tents, I would try something else. There are a few Alpine Design reviews here: If you're just starting out and on a budget, I recommend looking at something like LL Bean or REI's in-house gear and clothing. Both companies give great customer service in the event you need an exchange or return and they have a range of outdoor products that I think are generally well or decently made (I can't speak for every single product by the companies) and are generally more affordable.

There are other deals out there through outlets, closeouts, eBay, and so on, but if you want some good customer service to go along with your purchases I'd consider someplace like REI and LL Bean first. I've had good experiences with both, especially LL Bean here in Maine when I was first getting geared up. And if you're close enough to visit the LL Bean store here in Maine, they actually hire some very knowledgeable sales people, though you have to know when to hit them. If you can visit an REI I also recommend doing that and talking to their most experienced salespeople. The Boulder company's name was Alpine Designs (plural), whereas the Sports Authority name is Alpine Design (singular). I don't know if the name difference is an accident or some sort of legal issue.

George Lamb started Alp Sport in Boulder, the name changed to Alpine Designs when he sold the company. Lamb enventually started Camp 7. I have an Alpine Designs High Loft series down bag and it is really nice, good to about -20 F or so. Another source of less expensive, but decent gear can be campmor and sierra trading post. You won't get the knowledgeable sales people, but the customer service from both companies is excellent. I remember Alpine Designs from the 60's. Don't remember owning anything of theirs though.

Alicia and Alan raise several good points. Brand names are regularly acquired by conglomerates that use them to import various goods from China and elsewhere. The name and the products often have no connection to the previous owner of the name. Big Box stores like Sports Authority carry some 'name brands' as well as a house brand or two of lesser quality goods.