Eico 235 Vtvm Manual

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Eico 232 Manual

Mirror: /eico/232/ This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Manual for EICO Model 232-249 VTVM. MANUAL Model 232 PEAK to PEAK VTVM CO., 84 r. TžC Go g will. Zac./ [pas*' ahe phe For. Microsoft Word - EICO Model 232 VTVM Op Instr.doc. Hello group, I recently acquired this meter without a manual/schematic. BAMA doesn't have the manual for this model. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to. I have an Eico vacuum tube voltmeter, model 235 (?). Still works like a champ after all these years. Vst-dx Wrapper Cool Edit Pro Download. Anyway, over the years the white printing on its Uniprobe.

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I know 'boatanchor' is a stretch here, but I know you guys are cool with this. After all, the device does have two tubes. Serial Port Communication Matlab Code. Grand Theft Auto V Dlc`s - Full Unlocked Crack on this page. Anyway, I can't seem to located a schematic for this rather rare 235 model. It's like a 232, except it has a larger meter, and has 5 calibration pots. One pot does DCV +, one does DCV-, one for ACV, one for AC zero.

Can't get an effect from the 5th pot, doesn't affect ohms, just don't know?? THe unit does suffer from an ohms issue; my 1% cal resistor looks good on the scale resulting in 2/3 deflection, but gets to a 20% error with the next scale down. I've got this VTVM for grid DC measurements, so the ohms is not high on my need list.