Free Download 2500 Excel Vba Examples

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Free Download 2500 Excel Vba Examples

Hello everyone!!!! Here is my situation. I have been trying to learn macros but have not made one yet. Need your help. Here at work, I have some incompentant computer workers who claim they KNOW MS sooo well and have certificates etc. *COUGH COUGH* ya ok. LMAO We have a 'shared' work book we all work in.

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It's nothing fancy, just use it as a PO Book but since it is shared some people continue to not save before they add in more work so that they see a 'refreshed' copy of the workbook before they start writing in cells that already contain information. How to I create a macro button at the top of the page that is literally a SAVE button. Instead of them saving by going to File - Save or cntrl+s??? I just thought that MAYBE having a big button in their face will remind them. Fm Genie Scout 2011 Patch 11.3 more.

Free Download 2500 Excel Vba Examples

Secondly as back up I was wondering if you can create a macro to do a refresh of everyones screens automatically - say every 2 or 5 mins??? I don't mean a save. But a refresh so the screen actually updates in front of you. (although I will keep this little piece of magic out of their knowledge so they don't rely on it, just though it would be a secondary back up to helping eliminate these mishaps cause we are loosing alot of information by people saving overtop of other peoples work and not caring.) Thanks so much!!!!! Muchly appriciated.

Hi all, I've had a long search through your pages to see if this question has been answered before but having browsed through about 50 pages worth of threads I couldn't see anything, but if I am repeating prior information I do apologise. I've written a macro that is relatively simple.

It just takes some information in one format, rearranges it, adds some formatting and performs some calculations. Nothing incredibly fancy but it works fine on my computer. Now, I need to share this macro with some other people, so basically I've just sent that excel file on to the people that need to use it. Should be fine and in most cases it is, however there is one user who although they can open the file, can't seem to get the macro to run properly. It seems to get a small way through the macro but then stop with no error messages or any sign that it hasn't completed properly. I have checked Macro Security level and that is the same as mine, Tools - Add-Ins is the same, In Visual Basic, Tools - References is the same as mine. It is the same Operating system and the same version of Excel.