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A community of pipe organ enthusiasts who create, share and listen to wav and mp3 music created using Hauptwerk virtual organ software. Setup Arp Centos. A model of a French baroque. Jun 10, 2009 On the photo-realistic virtual console of the Litomysl organ from Sonus Paradisi are some yellow scraps of paper. I thought that these scraps of paper on a.

Hello, Martin, Apologies for adding to your already busy time after 3.10's release, but I need to communicate a particular challenge here, that I haven't yet found posted. After upgrading from HW 3.0 to 3.1, I reinstalled the Litomysl (dry) set, then installed the Litomysl updates 1.1 then 1.2. The organ loads just fine with the default rank settings, plus my own previous settings, and everything seems to work OK--except that on the organ's Voicing page (tab) all the ranks settings default to -36 (instead of the usual 0 as it did when loading the organ in previous HW versions). The result, of course, is that some ranks sound very faint; some don't speak at all.

Litomysl Organ

I can mouse-click a particular rank's slider (for example the English Trumpet 8') and adjust the setting to around 0 and it will sound as normal, but whatever new settings I make are lost and revert back to -36 whenever I reload the organ. I'm running Windows XP Pro x64 SP2, and HW 3.1 in 64 bit mode on an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 MHz processor with 4GB RAM. Many thanks for your kind attention, unparallelled support, and fabulous work!

Hello Philip, I've just been trying to reproduce the problem using the Litomysl Dry on a 32-bit XP PC. I installed the sample set from its installation DVD then applied the 1.01 sample set patch from this page. And then also the 1.02 patch from the same page. The voicing sliders all defaulted to 0 (on first load), their positions were correctly remembered between each subsequent load and the pipes sounded normal and responded as expected to the sliders on the voicing page. I also tried a couple of other small Sonus Paradisi sample sets (which have a similar voicing page) and they worked properly too, i.e. Their states were remembered and defaulted to 0 on the first load. I will try again tomorrow using 64-bit PC (shouldn't theoretically make any difference).

Can you see anything that I did significantly different to you (apart from using 32-bit Windows)? When you load the sample set, presumably you aren't using the special 'Design tools Load organ (with design options)' screen (which has functions to reset virtual control states etc.)?

Have you used any of the options on that screen with the sample set in the past? Have you used any other design options (e.g. Convertire Da Youtube A Mp3 here. Disabling any XML auto-compacting)? With the sample set loaded, please also email a diagnostic file to me (File Create diagnostic file) so that I can see all of your settings. Has anybody else found this problem, either with the Litomysl Dry set or with any other Sonus Paradisi sample set? Hello, Martin, No need to troubleshoot further--My Litomysl Voicing page problem now seems to be resolved--it's consistently defaulting all ranks to 0.