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Mar 28, 2007 A Tutorial of C4D's plugin Spline Patch.How to make a tent. Hey guys,you could find the clear one in my website: http://www.ghost-joe.com/tent_tut.html. 0 - Patch- modeling with the new Spline. Cage object on Vimeo. A Tutorial of C4D s plugin Spline Patch.How to make a tent. By and by a cage of lines.

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Why do you need Spline Patches? Patch-modeling is a method mainly used for modeling curved surfaces true to dimension and size. When working with car-modeling one will inevitably find this rather easy-to-use, yet powerful technique extremely useful. Nearly all tutorials dealing with car-modeling on the internet treat SplinePatches, with the exception of those designed specifically for Cinema 4D. Until now, this technique was not available for users of this otherwise very powerful 3D-software by Maxon. The Cinema-4D nurbs like “loft”, “lathe” and “sweep” do not offer sufficient alternatives.

There is hardly an alternative to patch-modeling besides working directly with points and polygons. Despite this efficient technique there is enough work left to do. Most of which is connected with making splines which lead along characteristic shaping lines. Director Of Program Coordination. Therefore, you generally use dimensional drawings, so-called blueprints, of the object to be modelled. By and by a cage of lines, a spline-cage, developes which defines the shape of the object. Between these lines surfaces can be spanned with three or four splines with their intersection points as limitations.

The SplinePatch functions of most available applications require precisely determined intersection points in the space, which are created using supplementary functions for welding the splines. Our plugin is quite tolerant in this respect. Just take note that the splines come rather close at the corner points of the SplinePatch to be created. SplinePatches with Cinema 4D SplinePatch provides users of C4D with a patch-modeling function. Fnaf 1 Full Pc Game here.