How To Flash Nokia 3110c Rm-237 Using Phoenix Service Software

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1) Phone software update using NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER If new software update is available for your mobile phone model, the you can update using “Nokia software updater”. All details can be found. If new update is not available, then you have to go for second option or take mobile to nearby Nokia service store to re-write the software again. 2) Flashing the software and re-writing the software(firmware) again. Warning: warranty is not valid if you perform following procedure. If you your warranty need to be valid, take phone to Nokia service store for flashing.

How To Flash Nokia 3110c Rm-237 Using Phoenix Service Software

This method is do-it-yourself method. All you need are your mobile phone’s data cable, charger, mobile battery fully charged, Following softwares. FIRMWARE (explained below) Your phone models firmware can be downloaded by two methods 1) using Navifirm software: Navifirm show phone model, then software version and language. Download the files and copy to C: Program files Nokia Phoenix Products? where? Is name of your phone type eg.

How To Flash Nokia 3110c Rm-237 Using Phoenix Service Software

RM-237 for Nokia 3110c. This is written below the battery holder of phone.

Nov 18, 2010 Nokia 3110c restart done by Phoenix. SOFTWARE RESET YOUR NOKIA MOBILES USING PHOENIX SERVICE SOFTWARE 2012. How To Flash BB5/Nokia Phones.

2) zip files from. Go to this link, and choose the mobile model and download the latest firmware package and install and restart. (must restart system) Very very important: Do not download older versions than existing firmware version of your phone.

If you do not know the version, download latest. 64 Bit Audio Driver For Windows 7. Version can be seen by pressing *#0000# in Nokia phones. Install the softwares in the order ->Nokia PC suite (remove from startup.

File>uncheck “Invoke at startup”), Phoenix, Firmware. Then restart the system. Find type of mobile by seeing the back of the mobile after removing the battery.

Note down the type Simplest tutorial to use phoenix is given. THE STEPS FOR FLASHING NOKIA 3110c 1. Open Phoenix Service Software 2. Pick Open Product 3. Pick RM-237 4. Pick ” Flashing ” Tab 5.

Pick Firmware Update 6. Browse Firmware on product code box 7. Check Dead Phone Usb Flashing 8. Click ” Refurbish ” Tab 9. Connect phone to Usb 10.

Wait until all process done Here’s the log operations: Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Scanning image files Waiting for USB device 1. Make sure USB cable, Battery and charger are removed from device. Insert USB cable to device 3. Insert Battery to device 4. Insert Charger to device — Press phone’s power button! Remove the USB cable remove charger remove the battery insert battery switch on the mobile.

Now, You are up.Your mobile has been flashed and the firmware (phone software) has been re-written. Security code will be reset to 12345.