How To Open Dts File In Sql 2008

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I headed a project to rewrite our data warehouse and host it on a SQL Server 2008 Server. I am currently in the process of decommissioning our old data warehouse server.

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How To Open DTS Packages in MS SQL 2008 R2. Program Files (x86) Microsoft SQL Server 80 Tools Binn ’ in Environment variables and put it at the. I recently worked on an issue where my customer was not able to open DTS package in SQL server 2008 management studio. The package was migrated from SQL server 2000.

However, before I decommission the old data warehouse server, I want to copy the.DTS package files from the file system (we stored DTS packages on the file system) on the old DW server (SQL 2000) onto our new DW Server (SQL 2008). We have already redesigned and rewritten 100s of these DTS packages using SSIS and Stored Procedures. My biggest fear is that if there is an issue, I would like for us to go back and reference the DTS packages.

Is there an add-in on SQL Server 2008 that would allow us to peek into the DTS package(s)? TIA Jagannathan Santhanam.

Galapago Game Crack Windows here. I am running SQL Server Management Studio 2008 on Windows 7. I am unable to open a SQL Server 2000 DTS package from SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

I have tried going through all the steps that I have found online as far as installing the SQL Server 2005 Backwards Compatibility and the DTS Design Components, but none of it works. I have even gone through the steps to replace.dlls in the installation directory from some of the posts that I have found.

Is this actually even possible to open a SQL Server 2000 DTS package from within SQL Server 2008 Management Studio on Windows 7? No, to the best of my knowledge, what you explicitly describe is not possible (my SSMS crashes when I try). However, if you are looking to migrate the package from DTS to SSIS, you need to run the DTS Migration Wizard. I recommend doing this from BIDS: • Start BIDS 2008 • Create an Integration Services Project • Right-click SSIS Packages and choose 'Migrate DTS 2000 Package' • Follow Wizard instructions You can access the wizard through SSMS2008, but ultimately I found it much easier to start in BIDS, and then import the finished product into SQL using SSMS2008.