Hsbc Smart Card Installation Software

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Hsbc Smart Card Installation Software Download. The First and the most successful WPS software solution in UAE. A virus is a file written with the sole intention of. GLOBAL PAYMENTS AND CASH MANAGEMENT HSBC. Further information for installing smart card readers maybe found in the ‘smart card installation guide. Plug in your CAC reader NOW NOTE: Please check and make sure your CAC reader installed BEFORE you attempt to follow the driver installation instructions below.

Reader - installation and GemSAFE software Reader - installation and GemSAFE software In this section 1. Sony Dkc-c300x Manual. Amsterdam City Card Guide Pdf more. Can I use any other smart card readers apart from the one supplied by the EPO? We recommend that you use the readers we supply, as they have been tested and approved. However, you can also use any other reader that is recognised by the GemSAFE Libraries software. We cannot, however, offer support for readers not supplied by us. Where can I get another smart card reader?

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If your reader is faulty or if you did not receive one with your smart card, you can request one from. Are there any system requirements for smart card reader installation? No, but you have to install the complete GemSAFE software (smart card reader driver and the appropriate GemSAFE Libraries) on your computer. Is there an online tool or guide which will explain to me, step by step, how to install and use my smart card? How can I be sure that my smart card software is installed and functioning correctly and that my smart card is recognised by the system? Happy People Offer Nissim Rapidshare. GemSAFE Libraries 6.0 Look at the icon in the Windows system tray on the right-hand side of the task bar.

Indicates that your smart card reader is functioning correctly, but that it does not contain a card. Or indicates that your smart card is recognised by the reader/software. My smart card reader is connected but the light is not flashing. What should I do? Try changing the connecting lead to another USB port.

If that does not work, try it on a different computer. If your reader works on another machine, you should consult your computer dealer/IT department. If not, you should request a smart card reader replacement from. I have connected my smart card reader to my computer. How do I turn the power on? If the green light on your smart card reader is flashing, that means your smart card reader is switched on.