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Driver Pico 2000 Windows 7 on this page. Hi me and my friend want to play The lord of the rings the battle for middle-earth 2, over LAN. We installed the game on one windows 7 and one windows XP, and both have different serial number, but when we try to play togehter we cant because i cant see him but he can see me, but when i write something in the chat i he can see it, but when he writes something i can see it. When i make a game and he tries to join, it says 'CONNECTION TIMED OUT'.

Hey, i've been trying to do a LAN game with a friend but it says that we have different game versions. Even if we dont install the newest patch and stay on. The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II 1.06 patch.

GameReplays.org » Battle for Middle Earth 2 Forums » Welcome to the Battle for Middle Earth 2 Community » BfME2 General. Battle For Middle Earth 2 Patch 1.08. I need help with my lan connection for RJ RotWK. (and the unofficial 2.02 patch as well). ( BfME2/RotWK LAN solution for windows 7- tested and works.

And when he makes a game i cant see it. I have tried to turn firewall off on both computers, and it still wont work. And we want to play this game together so bad! To run and host certain applications on the computer, pieces of data called ports need to be open. Most ports for these specific pices of data are normally closed, and have to be opened to run certain programs. Does your computer have a wireless connection to the Internet, or do you have a blue cable running out from the computer to another device (not the computer itself)?

Your modem and router are the devices used to receive Internet. The modem receives the connection directly from your Internet service provider, and the router takes that connection and transfers it to computers and other network devices you may have connected. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. Search this Thread Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Hi All I have been playing BFME2 for sometime on my laptop which I bought in September last year (2010) At the same time I installed it on my laptop I installed it to my Desktop (which is significantly more powerful), but didn't get round to playing it on there for a number of months. Tharpe PC Gaming Support 16 09:59 AM I want to reopen my saved game when I play with hamachi. I don´t want to play from the beginning every game.

Talk to me, please, how can I reopen my saved game in LAN game. Please, help me.

Thanks so much. George Jjirik PC Gaming Support 0 01:12 AM Hi I have a windows 7 premuim and i have properly installed BFME 2 But when i go to play the actual game it just crashes at the loading screen Could someone please help:sigh: Djinn Master PC Gaming Support 5 01:12 PM Hey, i got the same error but your solution wasnt working by me:( macicek222 Game Installation Support 3 02:23 PM Hi guys i am trying to install BFME1 on my windows 7 32-bit version with full graphic card drivers update & DirectX and i get this error TheReaperOfHope Game Installation Support 5 07:49 AM Posting Rules.

OK so here's the deal about network play in BFME 2 expansion: The original installation's version is 2.0 (you can check that in Options ->Settings in the lower right corner). Every time the game detects a 'game.dat' that is DIFFERENT than the original you get like 'Version 0.135060' or something.So the only way to play network or online (if you own a valid cd key) is to use the maxi image provided @ GCW. Here are the steps: 0.(If you already have an installed & cracked version).Uninstall the game. 1.Install a CLEAN copy of BFME 2 Witch King. 2.Using Daemon Tools (I use 4.08),mount the Maxi Image. 3.Use Y.A.S.U (I use 1.04) to hide your virtual drives. 4.Launch the game.

The only drawback is that you have to run YASU after every reboot and that the image is +3GB Hope this helps! Oh and by the way,this should work on BFME 2 with the latest patches on (I've heard users having trouble with mismatching versions etc.). I followed your steps above but when I try to mount the image file it says 'the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable' after redownloading the same file many times and rcving the same error, I even tried to convert the image into ISO. And then i can mount it but when I try to load the game, it says 'Please insert the correct CD-Rom, select OK then restart the application' does it matter the location of the image file on the hard drive (I tried to have it in the same directory, parent directory.' Can u please check if the file is really corrupt or not?