Mpg123 Elastix Install

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Mpg123 Elastix Install

I have problem with mpg123 music player. This is Asterisk Elastix distro. So if mpg123 it not recommended. Install Date: Thu 29 Jan 2009 03. Streaming Music on Hold in Elastix /Trixbox. Written by admin on November 22, 2014. Posted in Elastix. Since your stream is MP3 we will need to install mpg123.

I have installed asterisk on my centos system but asterisk only supports wav,gsm but not can i play mp3 sound file in asterisk I have searched a bit and found that to play mp3 we have to install module and mpg123 I have installed module but i dint install mpg123 So my question is that can i install mpg123 manullay likke yum install mpg123 or do in have to install asterisk again? And install mpg123 during asterisk make command as given in and to play mp3 do i nee to install any othe module or anything? Thanks in advance.

Elastix is a popular Asterisk-based distribution which by default contains a streamlined version of FreePBX. Our SIP. Play Along Cabbage Patch Dolls there. Crazytalk Animator 3d there. US FreePBX Module has been tested to work with Elastix systems. Follow the steps below to get the module installed on Elastix: STEP ONE - You must make sure JSON is installed as part of your PHP installation.

THE MODULE WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THIS. Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation. Do this by opening an SSH session into the Elastix server and logging in as root.