Owners Manual Schwinn World Sport 1988

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Mar 20, 2012 1988 Schwinn P-13 Paramount. Mechanics wore lab coats and salespeople wore a sport coat with a Schwinn badge. Schwinn Service Manuals. Owners Manual Schwinn World Sport 1988 Toyota. Arctic Cat Serial Numbers Decoder For Windows. Schwinn Manual & Troubleshooting Guide. Select Product Category. Recent Manual & Documentations.

User Name: * Password: * Schwinn Models The following Schwinn models and dates are a work in progress. Bold dates are firm. Otherwise, a bike may very well have been produced before or after the dates listed.

1987 Schwinn World Sport

If you have better info than us, please forward it to. Also, please send pictures of bikes (include make, model, and serial number if you can). G U X Y Z Admiral (1920) Schwinn apparently manufactured for another seller who put the Admiral label on the bikes. These did not carry the Schwinn name.

(,, 1937-1949) Schwinn manufactured an with their own head badge. Aero Cycle (1934-) The Aero Cycle (full name Streamline Aero Cycle) marked the beginning of a new era for Schwinn and the industry as a whole. Released in the midst of the Great depression after decades of cost cutting measures that reduced bicycles to cheap toys, the Aero Cycle was the first bicycle to treat children with respect. Designed after the fuselage of an airplane with durable balloon tires and a tough frame, the Aero was twice the price of the competition (around $35) and it became highly coveted by kids everywhere.

It featured a battery powered horn and headlight as well as a small tool compartment inside the tank. In point of fact, the Aero Cycle sold extremely well for being almost completely rejected by department store sellers, but the Aero was not a breakaway success. Its chief feature was that it marked a turning point in bicycle design.