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Free Language Programs Like Rosetta Stone

Pretty pictures but not much learning. Read why we don't like Rosetta Stone and read about three companies with products that really work. Here are 5 Free language learning software to learn languages for free. Good alternative to Rosetta Stone. Learn English, German, Spannish, French, Italian, Haitian.

Pimsleur: boring, but it works! Summary of this Pimsleur review: Pimsleur is often boring, but you’ll always learn something. For beginners, Pimsleur is definitely worth your money and your time. Keep reading this review to learn about faster programs that are available for some languages. I had my first language-learning success with Pimsleur.

Bitter Clarity Uncommon Grace Rar. Keep reading this review to learn about faster programs that are available. You may want to read my Rosetta Stone. Obsolete but it works! Popular Alternatives to Rosetta Stone for Android, iPhone, Web, iPad, Android Tablet and more. Explore 112 apps like Rosetta Stone, all suggested and ranked by the.

I liked Pimsleur back then, and I still like it, even though I make a competing language learning product. Other competitors that I sometimes recommend are (for intermediate and advanced learners) and (for people who want to prepare for an in-person class). There are some competitors I never recommend. For example, you may want to read my.

The most important reason Pimsleur language programs work is that Pimsleur uses something called “spaced repetition.” I explain spaced repetition in the detailed review below. Pimsleur often makes marketing claims that are wildly unrealistic. For example, Pimsleur is currently advertising that you can learn your new language to an intermediate level in 30 days. This is a wild marketing lie. Yes, you can learn a lot of Spanish in 30 days, but nobody would seriously say you speak Spanish at an intermediate level after 30 days of study with Pimsleur. If you want to learn one of the languages listed below, click on it to try a free lesson.

It’s quite a bit faster than Pimsleur. If your language is not on the list above, please continue reading the Pimsleur review below. There is a link to the list of languages Pimsleur offers at the end of this review. The detailed review starts here: Why Pimsleur Language Programs Work — “Spaced Repetition” Here’s what spaced repetition means.

First, you listen to a foreign-language phrase, and then you are asked to repeat it. Next, you’re asked to remember the phrase and say the words out loud at timed intervals.

The intervals start out very short and get longer and longer. For example, first you hear a word and then you’re asked to say it 15 seconds later.

Then you will be asked to say it 45 seconds later, then 1.5 minutes after that, and so on. The time intervals grow quickly until they are measured in days and then weeks. This learning method works for everyone who is willing to use it. You will learn a lot (and remember a lot) for every hour you spend studying with any spaced-repetition method.

Spaced repetition was invented back in 1932 by Professor C. Mace, so it’s an old and reliable concept. Pimsleur language courses that use spaced repetition were developed when cassette-tape technology became widespread in the 1970s. Smaller Marketing Lies? Pimsleur Approach was a marketing company with a license to sell Pimsleur products for several years. They used to run ads like this one: “Learn Spanish in Ten Days.” Then they got your credit card number with a low-priced $9.95 intro offer and promptly enrolled you in a series of much higher automatic payments.

No, you won’t learn Spanish in thirty days with Pimsleur. This eventually annoyed so many customers that Simon & Schuster (the publisher of Pimsleur) cancelled Pimsleur Approach’s contract, and Pimsleur Approach is no longer selling Pimsleur products. The trouble is that Simon & Schuster is currently advertising that you can learn a new language to an intermediate level in 30 days.

This is a marketing lie. However, if you study every day with Pimsleur you probably will be happy with what you learn. The reason that most marketers of language learning products are such bold-faced liars is that the lies work. We want to believe that we can learn a language well with very little effort. So we buy and don’t usually ask for refunds of products that can’t possibly deliver on what the marketers promise. Technology From the 1970s Plus Downloadable MP3 Files and Software The Pimsleur language learning programs were developed in the 1970s, when the best available language learning technology was a cassette tape player. In recent times, Pimsleur has been copying the cassette tape courses onto CDs and then, more recently, into digital MP3 downloads. They recently added a software version for both PC and Mac.