Quake 2 Opengl Patch

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This is a comparison between unaltered Quake II (CD version) in OpenGL mode and the Ultimate Quake II Patch (changes it to the KMQuake2 engine), which I had to install on my Steam version to get the expansions working. What you're seeing is the intro demo played before you go to the main menu. All settings are fully toggle-able in the UQ2P via the options menu; I just turned everything on (but music is off) for comparison purposes. The patch works on both Steam and CD versions, but you'll need to specify the directory if you want to use it on the CD version. Ultimate Q2 patch is available here: You can join my official Steam group here: You can follow me on Twitter here: Want to know more about my channel?

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Quake 2 Opengl Patch

Linux OpenGL X11 handling. But the 3.19 x86 patch we released has a 2.7MB pak2. 3.20 has a 45k. Retrieved from 'http://quake.wikia.com/wiki/Quake_II_Version.

I just got a Diamond Monster 3D Voodoo1 card w/ 4 mb of ram. My system is a P166MMX with 32MB of ram, AWE64 sound, 24x CDROM, Mystique 220 w/ 4MB primary video, ADI microscan 5p+ monitor (17'), running Win95 OSR2.

Quake 2 Opengl

Runs great, barely ever crashes (maybe once every comple of months type thing). I also have Quake 2. Quake 2 is good. Quake 2 is very good. So, I was looking forward to playing Quake 2 in hardware mode, 'cause software is fun but hardware is better. So, here's the problem: When I play in 640x480 mode hardware, everything appears to work fine. The game plays pretty well, except for a couple of stutters here and there (usually when I'm opening a door or something).

But when I try and move to 800x600 (which I thought my system should be able to handle), I get a bunch of errors/failures (no, sorry, I didn't write them down), and the game defaults to an extremely ugly 320x240 software mode. Do I not have enough memory? It says I have more than what it required to run the game in hardware acceleration mode, so why is it crapping out on me? THanks in advance for all those kind words of advice.:).