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Does the attached Fitting, which is included in our standard catalog, not work for you? If that's not exactly it, I would still recommend using it as a basis for your new Wye, as it already has the basic configuration that you're seeking. I also did a quick modification of a similar wye that looks like the one you posted. I did a mirror operation on the Stem to the other side of the body and placed another connector to support this. Cheers, Kyle B Revit MEP Product Manager Kyle: I have just returned from my Christamas holiday's, I hope you had a nice holiday and enjoyed the festival.

The problem I find mostly with the sanitary fittings. Purple Hibiscus Ebook. Sanitary Stainless Steel Piping components. ASME standardization on pipe and basic fittings:).

Merry christamas Kyle. Thanks for Updating the WYE family, I have started working on it.,I shall give you feed back. I have difficulty with iron pipe fittings as mentioned below: What the best we can do with elbows and other pipe fittings that are not matching with the outer diameter of the pipe as shown in the attached PDF file. Please advise.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings

Thanking you Syed Kaleem Imran Mechanical design engineer. Message was edited by: kaleemimran.

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