Scansnap S1300 Twain Driver

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Unmapped Spring Configuration Files Found more. Drivers & Downloads Download PaperStream IP TWAIN/ISIS and other drivers to optimize scanner performance. Cleaning videos for your fi/ScanSnap Scanner. To TWAIN or not to TWAIN. Occasionally some people are curious about why these ScanSnap models do not use a TWAIN driver and it’s a valid question.

I setup a new pc for customer today, win 10 Pro. New out of box ScanSnap ix500, install the cd, took default everything.

It wanted to check of update for the software, found updates but I declined to download. Did a reboot and tried to scan, did not work, scanner now listed. Allowed the download and install of the updates, the S pops up, ready to scan. Did a couple test scans, working correct.

Contact vendor of the proprietary software to have them remote in and install their software. The software uses the scanner in some of the modules, when we tried to scan it did not list the ix500.

They said remove the scanner and re-install, I did a remove device and it said it was removed. Vendor recommended to just re-install the software without reboot. The cd did not install, said the software was still on the pc. Did a reboot and it installed the driver and I could scan. Vendor tried their software again, still not seeing the ix500. Vendor said their software requires Twain driver, we went to ScanSnap site and read the ix500 does not use the Twain and did not have one for download. The vendor then did a search for Twain driver (I was not watching too close at the time) and found some site the had 'windows drivers' or something, they were about to click on something to download when I saw what they were doing.

Fujitsu S1300 Twain

I ask had they ever used that site, no they had not. Told them we were not going to chance getting some junk on a new pc. So does anyone know if we can use a generic Twain driver and a Safe site to download from. Thanks Michael. Louiscoates wrote: Thank you for the response! We're a 50 person company and bookkeeping agency which needs a reliable high-frequency use scanner to scan in receipts, statements, etc.