Seca 284 Manual

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Seca 284 Manual

Description of device • 65 English 1. Borland Delphi 6 Enterprise Edition Download here. DESCRIPTION OF DEVICE 1.1 Congratulations! By purchasing the seca 284 measuring station you have acquired an extremely. It takes just the press of a key on the multi-function touch display to send the measurements to a seca 360° wireless printer or PC. No need to worry about. Seca 284 User Manual seca 284 - Digital measuring station for height and weight with wireless transmission #2. Seca 284 - Digital measuring station for height and.

Seca 284 Scale

Determine weight and height – in just one step. • Network-capable with seca 360° wireless technology. Aplikasi Yamaha S Yxg50 Xp more. • Frankfurt Line for precise positioning of head. • Fine 50 g (0.1-pound) graduation and high capacity of 300 kg (660 pounds).

• Automatic calculation of BMI. • The three-line multi-function touch display shows weight, height and the automatically calculated BMI. • At the press of a button, measured results can be transmitted wirelessly to a seca 360° wireless digital printer or a PC. The 360° measuring station seca directprint 284 measures and weighs in a single step. Other benefits include the high-capacity scale integrated in a slip resistant glass platform with an anti-tip column design, heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated seca Frankfurt Line ‒ for precise head positioning. The seca directprint 284 is equipped with two displays, one is for a direct read-out of height from the headpiece and the other, a three-line multi-function touch display that shows height, weight and the automatically calculated BMI.

On top of all that, the scale shows the slightest weight changes with its fine 50-gram graduation and wirelessly transmits all measurements via the seca 360° wireless.