Shimano Bar End Shifters Install

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Shimano Bar End Shifters InstallSram Bar End Shifters

SHIMANO DESCRIPTION CODE NO. Lever Fixing Screw (M5 x 19) for Rear Lever Fixing Screw (M5 x 17) for Front Lever Boss Cover for Rear Lever Boss. DURA-ACE Bar End.

These notes may help somebody who is as mechanically inept as me if they do a search. The SL-BS77 9 speed bar end shifters had been pulled off a new bike by the LBS because the purchaser had wanted brifters, so I got them at a discount, with no packaging or instructions.

Bar end shifters, which are also called barcons, are shifting devices that fit inside the ends of bike handlebars. These compact shifters are usually installed on. Bar End Shifter Service. Shift wire may be removed or install with the lever mounted in the bar. Loose wire pinch bolt and free wire. Pull wire from lever.

The problem was that there didn't seem to be enough 'clicks' or detentes on the indexed rear shifter. Galapago Game Crack Windows on this page. Pulling the shift lever up from the bottom position I could feel 3 clicks, then there was a big gap before another 3 clicks.

It could still be put on the 5th and sixth cogs by friction, but I thought there must have been something wrong with the shifter. So back to the LBS I went. There was nothing wrong with the shifter.

It helps to refer to this exploded view diagram: Looking at the diagram, observe the piece marked (2), called a 'lever boss cover'. This can be fitted in 4 possible ways. But only one way is correct. The boss cover has a little lug on it. When the boss cover is fitted to the mounting boss this lug must be pointing downwards, kind of in the 5 o'clock position.

The lug, in turn, fits into a space moulded into the back of the shift lever itself. This space equates to the position the shift lever should be at when the smallest cog is selected. Put it all together, fitted the shift cable, adjusted the derailleur, and everything now works perfectly. So, in the unlikely event there is somebody out there as clueless as me, these notes may help you.