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Spool Date

Jan 31, 2008 Does anyone know how I can append the date onto the end of a spool file? I need to run a script once a week that produces a file that someone else is going. Oracle spool tips. Oracle Database Tips. SQL*Plus creates a new file. SQL*Plus replaces the existing file if the file name already exists. In Oracle 10g.

SQL >ALTER SESSION SET nls_date_format = 'DD-MON-RRRR HH24:MI:SS'; SESSION altered. Maritimesoftwaresuite V 9.9.1 Crack By Imad-pe.

SPOOL SPOOL is not available in iSQL*Plus. Syntax SPO[OL] [ file_name[. Ext] [CRE[ATE] REP[LACE] APP[END]] OFF OUT] Stores query results in a file, or optionally sends the file to a printer. In iSQL*Plus, use the preference settings to direct output to a file. Terms file_name[. Ext] Represents the name of the file to which you wish to spool.

SPOOL followed by file_name begins spooling displayed output to the named file. If you do not specify an extension, SPOOL uses a default extension (LST or LIS on most systems). The extension is not appended to system files such as /dev/null and /dev/stderr. CRE[ATE] Creates a new file with the name specified. REP[LACE] Replaces the contents of an existing file. If the file does not exist, REPLACE creates the file. This is the default behavior. Ramakant Gayakwad Ebook.

APP[END] Adds the contents of the buffer to the end of the file you specify. OFF Stops spooling. OUT Stops spooling and sends the file to your computer's standard (default) printer. This option is not available on some operating systems.

Enter SPOOL with no clauses to list the current spooling status. Usage To spool output generated by commands in a script without displaying the output on the screen, use SET TERMOUT OFF. SET TERMOUT OFF does not affect output from commands that run interactively. You must use quotes around file names containing white space.

To create a valid HTML file using SPOOL APPEND commands, you must use PROMPT or a similar command to create the HTML page header and footer. The SPOOL APPEND command does not parse HTML tags. SET SQLPLUSCOMPAT[IBILITY] to 9.2 or earlier to disable the CREATE, APPEND and SAVE parameters. See to determine what functionality is controlled by the SET SQLPLUSCOMPAT[IBILITY] command. Examples of SPOOL Command To record your output in the new file DIARY using the default file extension, enter SPOOL DIARY CREATE To append your output to the existing file DIARY, enter SPOOL DIARY APPEND To record your output to the file DIARY, overwriting the existing content, enter SPOOL DIARY REPLACE To stop spooling and print the file on your default printer, enter SPOOL OUT Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way.