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StatView is a originally released for computers in 1985. StatView was one of the first statistics applications to have a, capitalizing on the Macintosh's.

SAS StatView 5.0 overview and full product specs on CNET. Create A File Using C Programming there.

A user saw a of his or her data, comprising columns that could be,,,, or categories, and rows that were usually cases (such as individual people for data). Columns had informative headings; rows were numbered. Category data looked like strings (e.g., a column headed 'sex' would have entries of 'male' and 'female', but these were coded by the application as integers). Category data were used to perform inferential statistical tests such as,, and. To calculate statistics, a user clicked on particular column headings, designating them as an x value and one or more y values. Then the user used the application's to choose. For example, a user's spreadsheet might contain columns for names of a in a (a string), sex (a category variable), IQ (integer), and years using a (real).

By designating number of years using a PC as an x variable and IQ as a y variable, the user could then choose from a menu to perform a. The user then had to choose from another menu how to view the regression in a separate, either as a table, in which case the regression equation and were displayed, or as a, in which case a graph of the data and the regression line were shown. Contents of the analysis window could be copied either as text or as a. StatView was initially distributed by from. It grew up with the Macintosh, changing owners along the way. StatView 3 to 5 were distributed. Dairy Dash Full Crack. It was then bought by who discontinued it in favour of.

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