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View and Download Sony Ericsson T630 user manual online. Scroll to Organizer, Notes, New note, on page 32. Application includes Java games.

O • orangefrost • TST8 • 07 Jan 2005 Well, lets say if you intend to use the phone for: >networking(ie sharing pics, music,sharing internet and etc.), T630 would be a better choice because of bluetooth. >Normal Usage, you don't store pics,screensavers,ringtones extensively.This is due to 2MB storage which isn't big enough for heavy usage. >Not taking pictures.Due to the fact because its of 1X and there are not many modes that you can use the camera.Images appear to be grainy at poorly lighted areas. But if you're not keen on connectivity, then take k500. Because it has a >Huge 12MB memory space.Means more storage for quality pics. >The built in camera is of higher quality and have a 4x zoom.

>Plus you have 40 channel ringtones. T630 has only 32 channels. >Support mp3.You can upload your mp3 files to the phone. >Has video recording function. Tip: If you have K508i in your area/country, I'd recommend you to take it instead.

Pro Lite Serial Protocol. Price should be the same. • Rating 0 • •.

Review The Sony Ericsson T630 is a refined and updated version of the popular. Like the T610, the T630 is a sophisticated phone incorporating a built-in camera, Bluetooth™ wireless technology, a large full colour screen (65,536 colours). It's very slightly smaller than the T610, and build quality is, if anything, better than the T610. A key difference between the T610 and the T630 is the upgraded screen. The T630 uses a TFT display which makes for crystal clear clarity and superb colour reproduction.

One of the problems with the T610 was that the display was hard to read in sunlight - the new display should be no problem at all, even in bright light. The integrated camera can be activated in one click, with one more click to take a picture. Sony Ericsson's new QuickShare™ technology enables you to easily share pictures with your PC or other phones, using Bluetooth™, email, MMS or data cable. Overall, the T630 is a success, building on a solid platform and improving the features that needed to be improved. An excellent phone that is outclassed only by the new. Reviewed by Ngwa Walter Junior from CAMEROON on 23rd Mar 2014 OH GOD I REALLY LIKE THIS HONE THIS IS THE BEST OF MY HONES IN THE WORLD IS SUSTAINABLE,PORTABLE AND ONE OF MY BEST FEATURES ABOUT IT IS THAT IT IS DOWNLOAD-ABLE ESPECIALLY FOR MY JAVA GAMES OTHER PHONES ARE GOOD BUT DO NOT HAVE THE LIBERTY TO DOWNLOAD JAVA GAMES AND MY MUSIC SO I REALLY LIKE THIS PHONE BUT ONE THING IS I DON'T HAVE THIS PHONE I ONLY SEE PEOPLE HAVE THEM AND USE THEM AND THEN THROW THEM AWAY ESPECIALLY IN EUROPE WERE I AM BECAUSE NOW THE PHONE THE DON’T MAKE ANY USE TO PEOPLE IN THE UK. Rating: Reply.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 19th May 2006 this phone is the tyoe says im good but not too good. It has bluetooth infared nice tone clarity. Yet as with ost of these the joystick has given up there is no down up right or left. Instead left =keypad no.3 right =ok down does nothing up=off no joke.

The camera suffers in anything other than asolute perfect conditions and the memory generally give the capability of 6-10 photos max. Brill batt life though even though i bought it 2 years ago. In general if you have a bit of paitence this phone will suit u Rating: Reply. Reviewed by Buttonbabe from UK on 14th Apr 2006 I've had this phone for around about 10 months and the battery life is still strong- lasting about 4-5 days. The joystick can play up a little bit from time to time but on the whole that is no major problem.