Uher 4000 Report Monitor Manual

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My first time posting, but I've been into reel to reel for a while. My latest acquisition is a nice ex-BBC Uher 4000 Report Monitor.

Browse through our collection of UHER and download service and user manuals. Uher manuals starting with UHER 1 2 3. Vdo Dayton Ms 4150 Software Definition here. UHER 4000 REPORT MONITOR Service Manual.

Uher 4000 Report Monitor Manual

While it was cheap, it came without power cable, User Manual or any other accessories so I'm hoping that someone might be able to give me a little advice. I've searched previous threads on the Uher and it looks like the link given previously for User Manual downloads is no longer working. - clicking on the download link for the Uher 4000 series gives a page not found error. Does anyone know of any other source for a Manual? Even simple thing like what all the sockets on the front do, is difficult to decipher without this!

I assume that the far right one is power? Does anyone know where power cables can be found? Also, the speed change switch knob is missing. I know the BBC were in the habit of removing them to avoid recordings at anything other than 7 1/2ips. Ideally I'd like to get hold of a replacement so I can easily use the other speeds.

The switch shaft appears to have been shortened but not by much so hopefully its still serviceable. It also looks like the pause mechanism has got stuck in transit, but I hope to be able to free this up today with some careful poking. Other than this it seems to be in nice condition, powers up, ffwds, rwds, was said to be working by the person I got it from, and seems worth some investment to get it back to it's original glory. I was surprised at how small it was, compared with my Nagra IV-S TC. It looks like a really fun little machine Many thanks for any thoughts or comments! These are gorgeous little machines! Another Monster Manga Software.

I have one (and one of its older sister, the 4000 Report L). Both mine have fully-operational speed changers. The mechanism is the same, however, on the later machine the 'gear lever' arrangement has been replaced with a pair of cams and a single rotary knob. The '19.0 only' modification should be reversible; but note that it takes a lot of torque to move those cams, which is why the original knob had wings. You will need a regulated power supply of 6 volts, applied to the accessory socket (6 pin DIN, marked with a triangle): pin 3 is positive, 6 is negative. I found a PSU from Maplin, part number L06BR, that did the job.

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