Quilt Connection Binding Gizmo W/ Tool Book

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When sewing on bindings I've been doing it basically the same way but when I turn the corners I never did the last stitching that you show before folding the miter. Jetix Games there. Your way looks simpler so I'm going to try it. And I haven't tried joining the ends the way you did. I saw it demonstrated on Fons & Porter but with a diagnonal seam and I haven't had the nerve to try that method, so I still use another one that I learned. Your tutorial is great, easy to understand, and I will put your methods to use next time.

Quilt Binding Tool Template

Where Are S Stored On Samsung Galaxy. Great tutorial! You explain things very nicely for beginners. I'm curious about one thing... Why don't you do your final join as a diagonal bias seam too? The join lays much flatter that way, and makes it impossible to tell where it is because it looks like all the other joins. I've been doing it that way for years and find it lays much better. Not trying to tell you that your way isn't right - of course it is, as there are no quilt police - I'm just curious as to your reasoning behind this.

Quilt Connection Binding Gizmo W/ Tool Book

Like others, I think this is a very well made tutorial. Rough Dry Patch Of Skin On Neck. Lots of photos really help!

But also like others, I wonder WHY you don't put that last seam in the binding itself on the diagonal. Is there a reason? When I get to that point, I overlap the binding ends, and cut so the overlap is a 'smidge' less than my binding width (2.25' in your case and mine). Then handle just like you did for all the binding joins. And for the person who hates the hand work---I sew my binding on the BACK of the quilt. Then bring the binding around to the front and machine sew it down. I line up the crack in my sewing foot right on the edge of the binding, then move my needle one position to the right.