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• • • • • • With Xcelsius you can deploy dashboards using the Adobe Flash format.swf into your application server, however if you need to embed these dashboards in your presentations then it may not seem straighforward. Here we will show you how to embed XCelsius Dashboard in PowerPoint 2010 using the Shockwave component. You can embed XCelsius Dashboards into your PowerPoint presentations for the next meeting or online remote presentation. This way you don’t need to switch from PowerPoint to the browser or exit your presentation any time that the CEO want to check how the dashboard look in the projector screen.

You can simply start the presentation and embed the Flash into the PowerPoint slide using the.swf format. This way, you will insert the dashboard in the slide deck. First, add the developer toolbar to PowerPoint ribbon.

Here is the full collection of Xcelsius templates from this blog which date all the way back to 2008. You can always access the templates using the top. I have been thinking about creating a tag cloud in Xcelsius for some time. I had tried the Web 2.0 add-on, but it was never officially released for production and I. Download free SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) templates for use with GMaps Plugin. The following dashboard templates require a trial or full version.

Free Internet Jukebox Hack Programs. This can be added using the instructions we have previously mentioned for developers (see more in ). Then, insert a new control by clicking the More Controls menu. This button will display a dialog with the available controls in your computer. Here, make sure to choose Shockwave Flash Object to insert a playable Flash movie.

Click OK and then a new placeholder will be shown in the slide. Now, right click to open the menu and click Properties. Then a new window will appear and look for Movie. Here, insert the url to the dashboard that is published in the application server or any other place. For example, you can embed the following dashboard with maps in a PowerPoint presentation.