Autoit Progress Bar Disappeared

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Autoit Progress Bar Disappeared

I am using AutoIt to click on Sim (Yes in Portuguese) on all windows that opens on the program with the code below: #requireAdmin ShellExecute('. Sarah Edelman Change Your Thinking Ebook. Desktop test.xrt') While True $win = WinWait('XP-Remote', 'Sim') ControlClick($win, ', '[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]') WinWaitClose($win) Wend However, I want to stop when the progress bar is on 100%. Autoit Info Here is the data of the bar: And the visible text just show this: >>>>Window >>>Control >>>Mouse >>>StatusBar >>>ToolsBar >>>Visible Text >>>Hidden Text =5000 However, using the progress bar is more error proof.

Progress Bar Javascript

Home Downloads AutoIt UDFs GDIplus Progressbar. GDIplus Progressbar. Added Param in _ProgressSetFont to inverse the color when the bar reaches the. Autoit Download Progress Bar Disappeared. Experts Exchange >Questions >autoit copy one directory and its structure to another directory with progress bar.

How do you check the progress bar or Do Until it is.