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Dirty tricks of the old-time prizefighters. Boxing History. Browse and Read Boxings Dirty Tricks And Outlaw Boxings Dirty Tricks And Outlaw Do you need new reference to accompany your spare time when being at home?

Product Description Before there was Ultimate Fighting, men like Jay C. Champ Thomas made their livings beating each other senseless and occasionally dying in the ring. Thomas is an American legend. Beginning in 1923, his career as a boxer, wrestler and boombattler spanned nearly six decades! A veteran of over 10,000 bouts, Thomas successfully defended himself against some of the world's fiercest aggressors. Now he shares his secrets with those who wish to study the real manly arts.

Thomas uses a panoply of tricks and punches only to defend himself against unscrupulous fighters, and he cautions against employing them recklessly. In order to defend oneself, it's important to know all of the distateful options that can be brought into play. Do alot of freeze framing on championship fights and you will notice the top tranked boxers usings these techniques with skill. Usually the outlaw punches are done very quick and in the middle of a blindingly fast combination, as they are very hard to pick up, even in slow motion. Ramakant Gayakwad Ebook here.

You have to freeze frame, like when Buster douglas knocked out Mike Tyson, he did a crushing uppercut, then finished 'iron' mike off with an elbow to the head and the old 1 - 2 to make it look good. These tactics are so smooth, even professional commentators, referees, and judges don't know they happened. This book doesn't concentrate on low blows and other obvious lawbreakers, but uses deception. Glove laces are tapped up in regular matches, but are not in amateur bouts and sparring, so that is a great tip to look out for. This book has all the tricks you need to know if you are boxing against someone who uses dirty tricks. Has many good 'killer punches' that can be used to knock out opponets with ease.

Also has some great stories to go along with the tricks, and tells how the author learned them. However, if you are looking for a book on self-defense, I would strongly recommend getting a different book. This is great for boxing, but not for a street fight. But overall, this book is well worth the money, and is interesting and very insightful if you plan on becoming a boxer or if you are just looking for a good book.

I am an active boxer myself and this book is rather ridiculous and amusing than anything else! It starts with the fact that that guy and his little *tricks* refer to a time where i have still be fluent, and im 21. Stuff like: 'Scratch your opponents face with the ropes of your gloves'.uhm: Mr. the part of the gloves where the 'ropes' are gets covered with tape!

Then most of his punches are basically the same. The whole book could be done in 5 pages! His little stories are pretty boring and one feels like sitting at a table with a guy who wont stop telling you what a damn hard guy he's been and yadda yadda.simply never stops talking about his past and all!

*yawwwn* The KILLER PUNCHES are actually not really executable in a ring.first of all: The motion you have to do is too slow! The opponent will hit you before you can do that lil *miss, pull back, and hit him with the outside of the glove* thingy.pathetic! Second: Most of the punches will definately NOT be tolerated by ANY official in the ring! I mean: sure.go for the shot.perhaps you are lucky and do knock him out, just dont be surprised if you get disqualified! Seriously.the techniques and tricks he describes in that book reminds me of a 'low budget production' where the guy gets a bottle dragged across his skull and 10 guys attack that one hardass one after the is NOT like that.

A glass bottle breaks your face and 10 guys attack you all at once! Same with the book.reality is different! If a punch takes almost 2 seconds your opponent has ripped you apart in the mean time and the ring official is NOT blind! So, sorry pal.that book sucks! If you are interested in boxing and some hard punches: do NOT buy this book, but train hard and be hard in the ring! Take care and keep it real.singing off with with a jab, jab, uppercut, hook combination from the city of guts and balls, Mad Dawg. This book is more or less a waste of time in terms of reading it as non-fiction.