Database Administration Procedures Manual

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Mullins - DBA: Practices & Procedures Craig S. Mullins DBA: Practices & Procedures Page Database Administration: Practices & Procedures by Craig S. Mullins This book provides the industry’s first non-product based description of database administration techniques and practices. The book defines the job of DBA and what is required of a DBA in clear, easy-to-understand language. The book can be used: • As a text for learning the discipline of database administration • As the basis for setting up a DBA group • To augment a DBMS-specific manual or text book • To help explain to upper-level management what a DBA is, and why it is required. Modern application systems deploy databases to store information like names, addresses, account balances, etc. Madden 2004 Free Download Pc.


This information can be accessed and manipulated by application programs to perform business processes (like payroll processing, sales processing, and customer billing). Every DBMS requires database administration to ensure efficient and effective usage of databases by applications. This means that every user of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sybase, MySQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL, Ingres and any other popular DBMS will benefit from the information in this book. Many organizations have multiple of these products and will benefit from a consolidated view of DBA that does not focus on the internals and nuances of each particular DBMS product. Such a view is presented in this text. Every organization that deploys databases using a DBMS needs to understand the concepts outlined in this book. Many small to medium organizations attempt to implement DBMS products without DBA. Enigma Protector Full Version here.