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Compress Zip File Smaller Online

UTL_COMPRESS Package. Oracle Database 10g provides the new UTL_COMPRESS package to compress and uncompress data, with the. Executing Login.sql File. Mar 01, 2015 Compress your data or file using UTL_COMPRESS package Oracle UTL_COMPRESS. The UTL_COMPRESS package can be used to compress and uncompress large objects.

Share this on. 0 0 0 0 Oracle has a a supplied package utl_compress, which can be used to compress and decompress data with PL/SQL. According to the documentation it uses the “Lempel-Ziv compression algorithme”, and “The output of the UTL_COMPRESS compressed data is compatible with gzip”.

Ethics In Advertising Ideological Correlates Of Consumer Perceptions Pdf. Mario World Rom. That means it’s following the RFC 1952 specs,. And that may be very useful (but I have never used it), but I need compression (I’m working on a PDF-generator in PL/SQL) and decompression (unwrapping wrapped PL/SQL!) in the zlib-format,. Both formats use the same algorithm,, but have different headers and trailers.

So can utl_compress be used to for compressing/decompressing data according to the zlib-specs. In fact all you need is how to calculate the Adler32-checksum, which is used as the trailer of the zlib-format.

Function adler32( p_src in blob ) return varchar2 is s1 pls_integer:= 1; s2 pls_integer:= 0; begin for i in 1. As explained in the blog uncompressing has to be done byte for byte. You can speed it up by doing it twice! First with a large buffer until you fail, and a second time with a large buffer and stop just before the end and finish then byte for byte.

Iso French Threading Wheel here. Right now I am using Oracle utility procedure, UTL_COMPRESS.LZ_COMPRESS(), to compress some data. But the problem is it compresses the thing using GZIP compatible format, which is not also ZIP compatible unfortunately. Therefore, the Windows XP native decompression utility can not open it (you know that compressed folder thingie). And user have to use some other utility, like 7Zip, Winzip, or Filzip etc., in order to decompress that. So, we end up having a plan of retrieving GZIP data from Oracle, uncompress it using Java, and compress it back to ZIP (something that can be decompressed by Windows utility). It sounds ridiculous to compress-in-gzip ->decompress ->compress-again-in-zip.