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Ok next your gonna need a template. Naruto Vs Kyuubi Sub Indo 3gp 2017 more. I started with a very simple set, for this is my first time making one. You can google 'lock pick template' and look for one you like or use the one I have provided. Now that you have your template print it off and cut out one of the picks. Now I just eyeballed the drawing so its not perfect, but you can transfer it anyway you want, one method is to print the template with a laser printer and iron the template on. Now that you have you template transfered, cut the blade close to where you are transferring the template, so as not to waste any blade.

This is not a how-to post. If you are interested in lock picking there are plethora guides available online from people much more talented than myself. When I first became interested in lock picking I found it difficult to find decent templates of actual lock pick sets. So, here you go! MATERIALS: To make your own set, use any type of 'springy', thin, resilient metal. What I have used myself: * Hacksaw blades (best bet) * Leaf rake tines (a bit thick for some locks, but have a nice spring to them) * Aluminum cans (not so much 'springy' as 'bendy' but will work for picks, not for tension tools) * Hammered thin nails, screws (not very 'springy'.I'm just saying I've made it work.) Use a hacksaw and grinder/file/dremel to shape as needed. As I have pictured, these were all scanned as 4 5/8 inch total length, with (not pictured) approx 1/30 inch thickness.