Linkin Park Meteora Instrumentals For

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Linkin Park Meteora Instrumentals For

Hybrid Theory - Wikipedia. Hybrid Theory is the debut studio album by American rock band Linkin Park, released on October 2. The album was a huge.

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Click to expand.One version of From the Inside was more effected on the scratches like in the song (I listened, and it was definitely correct), and the other one had the intro scratch (I believe) resampled over and over. I could have sworn I YT-to-MP3'ed the Carnivores Arise videos, and that's where the bad From the Inside popped up, because I know I didn't have the higher-quality ones (that didn't come from the channel) until after I made my cover of From the Inside (because it was then that I listened to the full song and noticed the inconsistencies). Hit the Floor was off too, I remember that. I'll have to look into it and come back to this.

All the Meteora instrumentals I got came after I got word of these instrumentals getting out. I didn't even know these promo instrumentals existed until I saw this thread.