Asus Nvidia Gt 440 Driver

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Buy ASUS GeForce GT 440 (Fermi) DirectX 11 ENGT440/DI/1GD5 1GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2. Smartdraw 2014 Full Version Crack Windows. 0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card with fast shipping and top-rated. Download and Update NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 Drivers for your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 32 bit and 64 bit. Here you can download NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 Drivers free.

OverclockingTo find the maximum overclock of our card we used a combination of GPUTool and our benchmarking suite. The overclocks listed in this section were achieved with the default fan and voltage settings as defined in the VGA BIOS. Please note that every single sample overclocks differently, that's why our results here can only serve as a guideline for what you can expect from your card. Correct ROP count is 4. The overclocks of our card are 910 MHz core (11% overclock) and 935 MHz Memory (17% overclock).

Asus Nvidia Gt 440 Driver

Both overclocks are decent, but I'm not sure whether there is much point in overclocking a card in this performance class. Overclocked PerformanceUsing these clock frequencies we ran a quick test of Call of Duty 4 to evaluate the gains from overclocking. Program Casierie Taxe Patrascanu here.

The actual 3D performance gained from overclocking is 10.5%. Temperatures Temperatures are super low, that's why I would have wished that ASUS had reduced fan speed a bit to reduce fan noise. Clock ProfilesModern graphics cards have several clock profiles that are selected to balance power draw and performance requirements.

The following table lists the clock settings for major performance scenarios and the GPU voltage that we measured. We measure on the pins of a coil or capacitor near the GPU voltage regulator.

Aplikasi Yamaha S Yxg50 Xp. Introduction After spectacular product launches in the past three months - of the GeForce GTX 500 series, NVIDIA made a quiet addition to its value~mainstream lineup, with the GeForce GT 440. This is probably the first time that a GPU vendor released a new desktop discrete GPU in an older GPU model family after launching a new one, an addition to the GeForce 400 series after giving its GeForce 500 series a solid start in the performance~enthusiast segments.