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Even a properly maintained vehicle is subject to experiencing a blip that bumps its odometer into displaying incorrect mileage data. Instead of enlisting professional help resetting it, perform an odometer correction from your own garage. Accidents, instrument replacement, dashboard damage, and even a jolt from the jumper cables have the potential to impact your odometer's ability to portray data accurately.

Enigma Tool is the most powerful and most popular device on the market designed for programming and maintenance of odometers and other electronic modules. Enigma Tool is a portable mileage correction tool that can be used for diagnosis and repair of electronic systems of many known vehicles.

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Enigma Tools revendeur d’equipements electroniques pour voitures de luxe BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi.

The correction process requires a specific type of tool, referred to as either an odometer correction or odometer calibration tool, to reprogram the odometer and set it to the correct mileage. A correction tool does not take up a big block of space in your kit, and it saves you the time and labor costs associated with calling in the pros from your local garage. Tacho and Digiprog manufacture popular correction tools. Most odometers require a tool specific to the car's make and model, so check to make sure a correction tool's software supports your vehicle.

The trustworthy sellers on eBay offer various new and used correction tools from several manufacturers, making it quick and easy for you to find the one that suits your car, skill level, and your budget. Pull away from your driveway confidently with the knowledge that your odometer displays the correct information.

Writing into W220 EZS EEPROM with Enigma Sep 27, 2011 Writing into W220 EZS EEPROM with Enigma Tool 2. Mileage correction Mercedes C-Class by OBDII MERCEDES BENZ EZS REMOVAL TOOL - Welcome to EnigmaTool UK MERCEDES BENZ EZS REMOVAL TOOL. Hardware Tools. ENIGMA UPDATE PROMOTION 2015 October 12.

This tool is very important to extract the EnigmaTool UK, mileage correction, digiprog, dp3, dashfixer, EnigmaTool UK, mileage correction, digiprog, dp3. About enigma tool. Can you do secured 9S12 Mercedes key modules and BMW CAS4 directly with 4 wires? Enigma – TachoDash ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for diagnosis and repair of electronic systems, mostly of automobiles. This is our main product.


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