Extract Xbox 360 Game Saves Usb

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Learn troubleshooting tips for USB flash drives on Xbox 360. Xbox 360 USB flash drive FAQ. A USB flash drive is a great way to take your game saves or gamertag. Download and share all the latest xbox 360 gamesaves. How to Open Your USB Drive and Extract a Save. XPGCaboose Apr 26, 2011. Drivers Sun Fire X4150. Xbox 360 Game Sharing. How to Update Minecraft for the Xbox 3. 1Try connecting your Xbox 3. Xbox Live first. Before using this method, try updating through Xbox Live first. Now open the game save using Modio. 'MODDING GAMESAVES VIA USB(XBOX 360). How to Extract Your Profile (3,830) THE TECH GAME.

Extract Xbox 360 Game Saves Usb

Have you configured your device yet? • This is the first time I’m using the USB flash drive Your USB flash drive might not be in the proper format. Boris Becker 11 Special Edition 98 Review. Ezgenerator 4 Keygen. Plug it into your PC, open up “My computer,” right-click on the USB device, and select “Format.” Format the USB flash drive to FAT32. Make sure to save any files before doing this, as formatting will erase all data on the USB flash drive. • I’ve already configured it Try plugging in your USB flash drive after the console starts up and see if it appears. This is a very uncommon issue, but we’re aware of it and are working to correct the issue.

For now, just remember to plug in your USB flash drive after startup. If your USB flash drive suddenly has no data in it, or it has reverted to its pre-configured state, it may not meet all of the requirements for using it with the Xbox 360 console. If you got a warning message during configuration, find a USB flash drive that better meets the requirements for use with the console. If you want to give your USB flash drive another try, format it to FAT32 again on the PC and then try the configuration process again. Make sure to save your files on the console as well, in case you still encounter a problem.

First Download 360Revolution Once you have downloaded and extracted 360Revolution you can then Open it. Once open expand “Tools” and click USB Explorer At the next Window select “File>Open” and then wait for you USB Device to come up. Once your USB Memory Unit is recognized double click on it.

Next Expand Data>Content until you see your profile or profiles. Select your profile from the list. If you have multiple profiles and have never used game saves before you will have to look through all of the profiles to find the one that looks like the one you have been using. Once you find your profile expand it to see your current saves. Now expand the save folder you are going to want to extract by clicking on the folder until you see you save file in the right hand window.

The save will always be in the “00000001” folder. Once you see you save file you will have to right click and select extract. When the save window comes up you can save the file wherever you want to. I would suggest the Desktop so you can find it easily.