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Three Parts: A farewell party is held for many occasions. It's a great way to send off your friend, co-worker, and loved one with great memories. You can throw a farewell party when someone leaves work, leaves the country, or is starting a new chapter in any capacity. Organizing a farewell party can take a bit of work. From planning, inviting, setting up, and honoring your guest, there's a lot to do. Luckily, you can enlist the help of your friends, co-workers, etc., to help you. With a bit of planning and teamwork, you'll give your guest of honor a party to remember.

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Pick a theme. The best farewell parties revolve around a specific theme that honors your guest. Themes typically highlight the next part of this person’s journey and commemorate your time together. • If your friend is moving away think about what kind of themes would work. You might want to host a 'bon voyage' party that utilizes themes of travel and exploration.

Maybe your party highlights some of the best local things your friend loves. In addition, you can introduce some culture and cuisines that are local to the next place your friend is going. • Maybe the guest of honor is leaving work and moving to a new company. You might want to throw a party that highlights all the great work this person did at your office. • Incorporate your theme into the invitations, food, decorations, etc. For example, if your friend is moving to another state or country, you could make cupcakes with that place's colors.

You can even make toppers that have a map of the new location on one side and the place your friend is moving from on the other. Find a great location to hold the party that fits with the theme.

Choose an appropriate place to hold the party. It could be at an office, a restaurant, or even at your own home. The location should be a combination of someplace easy to throw a party and a place your guest will enjoy. • For a family member going overseas for a while, home is a good choice. For a co-worker who is retiring or changing jobs, the office or a favorite local restaurant is suitable. • Think about what the guest of honor would like.

Remember that you’re holding the party for your friend. It should be somewhere this person will cherish. For example, if your friend is moving away you could hold a party at the bar or restaurant you all frequent. See if you can rent it out for a few hours. • The location should be somewhere special and somewhat intimate. You want to be able to have a good time without other people distracting you or being distracted by you.

Send out invitations. Invite people well in advance so that most people will be free to attend.

When sending out invitations, think about who the guest of honor would want at the party. Invite close friends and family first. Think about your budget and keep the guest list intimate or smaller if you have a smaller budget, or if you know your guest of honor wouldn't want a large party. Unless it's a surprise party, don't forget to invite your guest of honor. You could even send a personalized special invitation. • Sending out physical invitations is a great way to get people to attend the farewell party. Decorate the invitations in a way so that these are part of the theme.

• If your friend is moving, you could make invitations that look like a plane ticket. Print where the person is leaving from and going.

Add information on the ticket that details the time and location of the party. Ask guests to RSVP by a date a two or three weeks before the party so you can plan for food accordingly. • You can also create an event on Facebook. Social media is a great way to invite people and discuss the details of the party.

Create a social media event along with physical invites. • People won’t always track the invite if it’s solely from social media. Plus, the physical invitation is a great party favor and can be used as part of a farewell gift or memory board. However, if you don't want to do physical invitations you can design a colorful e-vite as well. Ask for contributions for a gift.