How To Clean Programs Off My Computer

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How To Clean Programs Off My Computer

Quick Tip: Before you begin uninstalling programs, close and save anything you’re working on. You might have to reboot your computer when you’re done. Step 2 Click Click the ‘’Start’’ menu, then ‘’All Programs.’’ Scroll your mouse over the program you want to uninstall. Step 3 Uninstall Most programs have an added icon to uninstall it.

If this is the case, choose that option. Fear And Trembling Pdf Nothomb. A pop-up box will appear–click ‘’Uninstall.’’ Step 4 Restart Once done, restart your computer, if it says it’s necessary. Step 5 Go to Control panel If the program does not have an uninstall option, click the ‘’Start’’ menu, then ‘Control Panel.’’ Double click on ‘Add or Remove Program.’ A pop-up box will appear with a list of all installed programs in your computer, usually in alphabetical order. Step 6 Scroll and highlight Scroll down the list and highlight the program you want to remove by clicking on it. Download John Fahey The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death Rar on this page. Step 7 Remove Click the ‘’Remove’’ tab and the uninstall process will begin.

This instructable provides a general guide for speeding up your Windows 7 computer. To remove programs. Interest to keep your Mac computer tidy and clean. Open the drop-down menu by the 'View' button to switch to 'Details' view, which shows information about each installed program. To sort the list, click a column heading, such as 'Size.' Not all programs display every piece of information, however: A program might report no size, even though it takes up a lot of drive space.

Step 8 Restart Restart your computer, if it says it’s necessary. Step 9 Restore If you accidentally delete a program you wanted to keep, click the ‘Start’’ menu, then ‘All Programs,’’ then ‘’Accessories,’’ and then ‘’System Tools.’’ Click ‘System Restore’ and follow the steps to restore your program.