Install Windows 8 On Eee Pc 701

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Install Windows 8 On Eee Pc 701Install Windows 8 On Mac

Jun 19, 2012 Windows 8 auf meinem ASUS EEE-PC 701. Install Windows 8 On Eee Pc 701Sdx. I have two eeepc 701sd/linux which i need toconvert to windows XP in order to install. Windows 8 auf meinem ASUS EEE-PC 701.

The original Asus EeePC can handle Windows XP very well, but the 4 GB SSD can be a bit cramped. Here is how to slim it and tweak it. Amstrad Alt-386sx Manual here. While my passion is for Macs, the rest of my household prefer Windows. In early 2011, I picked up an Asus EeePC 701SD. It featured the Celeron 900 MHz processor underclocked to 630 MHz, and I put 2 GB RAM in it. This model came with an 8 GB SSD, and both Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ran beautifully on it without a space issues.

Fast forward to late 2012, and I was given an EeePC 701 for my son. Same processor as above, but with 1 GB RAM and only a 4 GB SSD – which is not upgradeable. I ran various Linus distros on it, such as Xandros – the original OS it shipped with – Linux Mint LXDE and EasyPeasy, but my son wanted Windows on it – he has yet to be fully educated yet. Anyway, I am lucky enough to have a USB DVD drive, otherwise the process is a little more complicated, with the need to transfer the Windows CD to a USB drive and install slightly differently. This tutorial isn’t a guide how to install, but how to make it fit comfortably under 4 GB. NLite The first thing I did was hop on my wife Windows laptop and grab nLite. It is described as an unattended deployment tool, for making totally self installing Windows discs, but it is also handy for tweaking, slipstreaming and removing features you don’t want or need.