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Aug 19, 2012 File number: 16671 Downloads: Total: 58204 This Month: 3974 Type: file User Rating: 10 (2711 votes) Language: English Operating system: Windows XP/2003. WII 107 PAL Virtual Console + 7 PAL WiiWare Games Other 15 hours WII 107 PAL Virtual Console + 7 PAL WiiWare Other 5 days.

Click to expand.I have been testing triiforce over the last few days on my PAL 4.1e wii via sd-nand and it plays all regions for me without problems. I have successfully played PAL/NTSC-U/NTSC-J wiiware and vc titles through triiforce without any probs! I've been having loads of fun playing the japanese version 'muscle march' which is one of the craziest games i've ever seen or played! I was too scared to try and install a japanese wad on my pal wii before triiforce came out so i understand your worries about bricking! Click to expand.I'm installing them onto the nand with showmiiwads the pc application. I have never used freethewads and don't believe it has been neccessary in my case as i'm not to bothered about installing a bad wad on the emulated nand as it's only an emulated version of the nand after all and not interfering with my wii's official ios's.

I think it's great for troubleshooting if a wad is good or bad or working ok! I will probably never install any wads to my offical wii menu again now that i can emulate the nand. I intend to keep my real wii nand as clean as possible in the future! I got it working in the end with a combination of simple fs dumper to dump my nand AND showmiiwads to install wads to the nand. I thought it was gonna be more difficult but it really is easy to use and stopped me from worrying about messing up my sd card.

I simply copy the 8 nand emu folders from my pc to the root of the sd card and everything works cool through triiforce and triforce mrc! I have preloader 0. Gamecube Game S. 29 on my wii and bootmii as boot 2 so i have a PROPER backup. If you dont have bootmii as boot 2 i would probably be more paranoid and definately be a lot more reluctant to using foreign wads. The only setting/hack i am using or have enabled in preloader is the 'skip updates' i have not 'enabled' any region settings or any other in preloader apart from this! Click to expand.If you are using a sdhc card this is expected, you will need a sd card, preferably 2gb or under!

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